Daddy Yankee vs Don Omar … Battle of Betrayal?

Daddy Yankee affirmed that Don Omar was never his competition and assures that he felt betrayed by him

Recently, Daddy Yankee declared on the YouTube channel ‘Alofokeradioshow’ that Don Omar was never a competition for him, since he only managed to see ‘Wisin&Yandel’ as a rival.

Daddy Yankee gave strong statements regarding the singer Don Omar, ensuring that he was not a competition.

“In the narrative that emerged with Don Omar, it suited me. But my only close competition was Wisin y Yandel,” Yankee said.

This statement arose as a result of his visit to a famous YouTube channel known as “Alofokeradioshow” where he was questioned after being pointed out by Don Omar for an alleged fraud committed.

And it is that the interpreter of ‘Ella y yo’ assured that the king of reggaeton sabotaged a show that they performed together in order to define who was the true king of the musical genre.

Said series of concerts were known as ‘Kingdom’ in 2015, the dynamics consisted of the public having to choose the favorite; however, Don Omar abandoned the project.

After leaving ‘Kingdom’, the singer decided to take a musical break and when he returned he told the media that Yankee sabotaged him at concerts, turning off his microphone and removing songs from his repertoire.

The ‘Big Boss’ admitted that he felt sad and outraged when he found out about the mentions that his former friend made about him:

“When I heard the interviews I said ‘wow’, why do you do it? If there is evidence that you brought up the issues”, said the interpreter of ‘Gasolina’.

In the same way, he pointed out that it was his partner who decided to leave the show: “You left the show, they are not an invention, they are evidence, everything is there palpable to contradict you and you will be worse off.”

On the other hand, he admitted that despite the time that has passed he returned, without wanting to admit the truth: “It is unfortunate that he, until the last breath that he has left of life, is going to try to justify that he did not give up and that he took away.”

Likewise, he revealed that he has always wished her well.

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