Daddy Yankee’s concert scamper surrendered

Daddy Yankee concert scammer Pamela Cabanillas turned herself in to authorities, after scamming nearly 7,000 people.

Through her personal Instagram account, she made two posts where she explains that she is not the leader of any criminal gang and that she is willing to surrender to the European authorities.

“I decide to voluntarily surrender to the European authorities realizing that she is accused of being the leader of the criminal organization Los QR de la Estafa, and of having earned 2 million soles. Accusation that is a lie”.

She also points out that she agrees to surrender voluntarily to be deported to Peru and apologizes to all the people affected by her actions, including her relatives. On the other hand, it added a list of people who were also involved in the scam. Authorities found that 367 people tried to enter with the same QR code associated with a ticket, which means that “it was sold that number of times.

” However, It is not the first time that Pamela Cabanillas has committed this type of crime. In fact, according to the National Police of Peru, the National Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary, the 18-year-old has complaints for carrying out the same operation at concerts by Bad Bunny, Don Omar and Karol G.

In clothes, shoes, drinks and a life of luxury, it was how Cabanillas spent the money of thousands of fans who longed to see Daddy Yankee in Peru. Let us remember that a few days ago the Prosecutor’s Office said that the crime of fraud is punishable by a custodial sentence of between one and six years, while the crime of identity theft is punishable by between three and five years in prison.

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