Dallas Maduro (Maduro Ent.) Latin Promoter Q&A/Interview

Dallas Maduro
Dallas Maduro

Q: Where did your career begin as a promoter? 
A: It begun in Miami, I started by being other promoters “flyer boys” and did all the street level stuff that was needed so I could learn the business, theirs no book out there like “How to be a Promoter for dummies” or anything like that so the only way to learn is to get in wherever you fit in!

Q: How do you feel being one of the most well known promoters in the Orlando area? 
A: It feels good, makes me feel like I have reached a certain level of accomplishment and no matter what I’m leaving behind a sort of legacy in this town for the things I have done here, every man should always try to make his mark on history in 1 way shape or form. But in other ways it makes some things a lot harder like having a girl friend for example LOL –they assume because of “who” I am or what may be available to me that I must be doing god knows what, but in reality I’m not that thaaaat bad LOL.

Q: What do you like to do on your time off? 
A: What time off? Real Promoters don’t get time off. If you want time off Retire.

Q: As a promoter that has met many different artist which is your favorite out of all? 
A: Easy, Aventura! I did the After Party at Rain Ultra Lounge w/ Henry Santos from Aventura & Johnny Marines (their celebrity manager) came too, We had to shut the door down & couldn’t let any more people in, then from there I had to Drive some of them down to Miami the next day where I ended up staying with them, I went shopping w/ Romeo (Romeo is 1 of the coolest & actually down to earth dudes I ever met, he’s just like one of us once u started talking to him, we were talking about hip hop, Eminem’s new CD, Shoes LOL, everything) & Henry is a cool cool dude too (I spent most of my time with him) & Johnny, Mickey, Lenny, ALL Mad Cool people and I still talk to all of them to this day (Even Romeo’s body guard Ivan & Romeo’s Brother Tito). Shouts to all of them (Nothing cooler & more fun than Partying w/ Aventura all day & night for 2 days)

Q: Which artist do you keep in touch with on a personal basis?
A: Unless I’m in there town I really don’t, Artists don’t want to chit chat & shoot the breeze & I’m a busy person and I don’t either really, But if I go to NYC I’m calling Aventura’s people, If I’m in I can call any of 2 dozen artists down there and get stuff pop’n!

Q: If you never became a promoter what would you be doing? 
A: I think I would be doing what I am now just minus the promotion, When you boil it all down I’m not just a promoter, I have bought and sold over 8 million dollars worth of real-estate, I own fuegoparties.com (so that’s a internet based business), I have a club flyer printing business, So I can’t walk around saying “I’m a promoter, I’m a internet business person, a print company owner & a real-estate investor” –That would sound silly, straight up I’m just a Hustler, if there’s money out there I will take it.

Q: When your in your car driving down I4 what type of music do you listen to? 
A: Mostly Bachata, it always takes me back & gives me memories of my friends and family & growing up in Ft Lauderdale & Miami, makes me remember the old clubs I used to hit like “Millenium” or “El Tipico Dominicano” LOL –I miss those days!
Q: How did you come up with the idea for Maduro Entertainment? 
A: Well I moved up here (w/ my fiancé at the time, lol didn’t work out) because I bought like 6 houses up here because the prices and market was much better then in Miami, there was a guy DJ Flaco selling Bachata mixed CD’s & I met up w/ him to buy some, we started talking and it turned into a friendship, he knew about my experience in Miami w/ clubs and he was a DJ, he hooked me up with some other DJ’s like DJ TonyStar & he told me I should start promoting because Orlando lacked good promotion & he felt the market had room for someone to do some big things, My first night I ever tried was a Friday at Coco Bongos & it worked, it went really well actually, then I started the Sunday at Roxy on January 1st 2006! First night 700 people, next week 1,000 people, the week after more, this is where my career really began. I had things my other competitors at the time like All Pro didn’t have, like mass text blasting services, a website w/ photos, (then my parties got bigger then everyone else’s in Orlando then they all saw what I was doing & started to copy it and do the same things) –My promotion style was very “Miami” and Orlando had never had that level of promotion on several different mediums like I did, I was actually the 1st Promoter to EVER put a “Reggaeton Night” commercial on Power 95.3 –people told me I was stupid for doing that because it was a American station but I knew they were wrong because I know how to read Arbitron & statistics, now that station is about 40% Hispanic listeners & all of my current competitors advertise their Reggaeton events on that station too!

Q: What advice do you have for people that want to be as successful as yourself? 
A: Sleep Less, Work Harder & when you think you have worked harder look at yourself in the mirror and say “I can work even harder then this” –then go ahead and miss out on some sleep & keep working, If there is anything or anyone that even slows you down from achieving your goals cut them or that thing out of your life (its like cancer!), Don’t look back & ALWAYS keep your word! The people who don’t survive in my business are people who don’t keep their word.

Q: What do you like about LaMezcla.com? 
A: Well besides using real CMS & using a Web 2.0 style design LOL, it delivers a range of different content that is all related & will appeal to its users, outside of the technical aspect those girls on “New Sexy Chic of the Week” are amazing lol, Its nothing but gorgeous Latinas w/ GIANT NALGAS! LOL, that’s my type of Woman!

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