Danny Ocean Releases Highly Anticipated Album @dannocean by Danny Ocean

Venezuelan hitmaker, songwriter, and urban-alt artist Danny Ocean releases his long-awaited album @dannocean byDanny Ocean today via Warner Latina and Atlantic Records accompanied by five visualizers to complement his genre-bending tracks. Watch visualizers here. The album, named after Ocean’s social media handle, includes collaborations with celebrated artists such as TINI, Tokisha, Guaynaa, and Justin Quiles and famed producers Ovy On The Drums (Bady Bunny, Karol G, Becky G, Anuel), Andy Clay (Farruko, Danna Paola, CNCO), Mosty (Nicky Jam, J Balvin, Juanes), Mag, Luis Jimenez, and Lewis Pickett.

In Ocean’s second studio album, he sets out to explore vulnerability through love, loss, desire, insecurities, and raw honesty. The poignant focus track “Fuera del Mercado,” produced by Ocean himself, tells the heartbreaking story of a person who finds out the person they care for is getting married. Ocean’s distinct raspy vocals take us on a journey of self-realization in which we learn that loving someone deeply is being happy for them even if that means they found their happiness with someone else.


“In the alt-trap song, a heartbroken Ocean sings to a past love who left without a warning…” – Rolling Stone

“The energy that results from transforming a crisis into an engine of creativity has made its way into Daniel’s life…” – GQ Mexico

“Danny recognizes music as a recurring cast member of his life…” – Rolling Stone Español

“Danny Ocean continues to ride the wave of success from his smash hit ‘Me Rehúso’…the singer-songwriter has reached career highs other artists take years to achieve and it’s all thanks to this song.” – Remezcla

“Danny Ocean’s favorite way to create music is in small places with his speakers and keyboards, not in a recording studio with all the high-end recording equipment and digital gadgets. In fact, his best songs were all mostly born in his bedroom with its small window overlooking the mountains in Caracas, Venezuela. That’s just his vibe.” – Billboard

Last week Ocean performed in La Feria de Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico where +40K fans attended and elatedly sang every word of his songs. Check out a clip here. Up next, Ocean is set to perform in Mexico, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Paraguay, El Salvador and Argentina and will be releasing a follow up album in the summer. Stay tuned for more news and music by Danny Oceancoming soon and see below for a track by track of his 16 sonically diverse and genre-bending tracks in his own words.
Behind the Music of @dannocean by Danny Ocean

1. “Dicen”
“It’s just a song for people who talk a lot of shit. It’s one of those songs that you don’t write, it’s like the universe uses you and it flows. It was very genuine; it would have taken 10 or 15 minutes to do.”

2. “ADO”
“It was born because nowadays I think that people like to have a friend or a digital relationship. I think it is becoming more and more common. When someone falls in love with someone digitally and you go to meet that person in person, you feel self-conscious. You suffer from a lot of insecurities, and I think the song refers to those kinds of digital loves.”

3. “Dorito & Coca-Cola” feat. Tokisha
“It was born in Argentina, I was making a track, and one day while in Mexico a joke came out of the track. I love everything Tokisha does and I think “Dorito & Coca-Cola” is the best combination because it solves a lunch for you and I think that all of Latin America enjoys some Doritos and a Coke.”

4. “Tú no me Conoces” feat. TINI
“It is a song that talks about the power of truth and how the truth makes you free. I met TINI a long time ago and we had always talked about doing something together and once in Madrid I told her that I had a song and I passed it on to her and she liked it a lot and got into it.”

5. “Fuera del Mercado”
“The story of when someone finds out that a person they like very much is going to get married and also in the end how you realize that the happiness of the other person is what is most valuable and also your happiness.”

6. “Besarnos de Cero”
“A song that was born here in Mexico. I had gotten into a fight with someone, and I started putting this movie together in my head and I was just playing the keyboard. I was combining the situation that was happening with also a scenario that I was recreating in my mind. I loved that phrase about kissing from scratch instead of starting from scratch.”

7. “Apartamento”
“In front of my apartment there lived a girl in another building, and we always saw her every afternoon. And I said, “Well, why don’t we do a song for the girl across the street”. Also giving the illusion to all those loves of neighbors that also happens a lot.”

8. “Pronto”
“It is a song I wrote 7 years ago about a girl I always ran into in Caracas. I worked in an advertising agency and I always bumped into her at 8:10 am as I was driving my car to the highway and she was walking from her house to the subway. I started to imagine all the scenarios of how I could meet this girl. Anyway, I never met her but I loved the whole story that I put together in my mind and that’s how I wrote the song.”

9. “Rubia Sol Morena Luna v2”
“It was born in the Dominican Republic and the chorus came out magically and of course, I, as a Venezuelan and a fan of Caramelos de Cianuro, loved the title. It’s based on the fact that sometimes you don’t believe in people, you don’t trust people, so it’s that search of wanting to find someone you can trust.”

10. “Cuántas veces” feat. Justin Quiles
“Alongside Justin Quiles, it is a song based on a friend or someone else’s crush who is with someone and possibly hurting the other person.”

11. “Istanbul”
“It is a special song for me because I composed it with my sister Elena Rose who I love very much. It’s about when someone leaves that you love very much and you would have done everything for that person.”

12. “La Ultima Ola” feat. Dread Mar-I
“It was born in Argentina, I got together with Dread Mar-I and everything flowed incredibly. There was very cool chemistry between him and me, we also sat down to talk about life and it was very genuine.”

“A song about the illusion that today to make things official you have to publish things on social networks, so everything revolves around that.”

14. “???”
“A song that talks about when someone loses a baby, that happens a lot, and people don’t talk about it much. The main seed of that song is that feeling.”

15. “Reinas” feat. Guaynaa
“A theme that was written with Luis Jimenez (Lagos with Agustin) talking about the difference between being a princess and being a queen. Later I showed it to Guaynaa leaving the gym one day and he liked it a lot. He recorded his voice and wrote his amazing parts.”

16. “La Naturaleza” (Freestyle) 
“It’s a funny freestyle story I did after hearing the story of a friend of a friend who was a stripper in Miami.”


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