Dique Moreno: A New Sensation In The Social Media World

Written by Cesar Ramirez and DJ GeeBoogie

Dique Moreno a new sensation in the social media world attracting new attention and growing his fan base with his well-known Dominican Uber skits.  Breaking cultural barriers with stereotypical humor Dique Moreno continues to make people laugh as a means to brighten their day.  A Tampa Bay resident Dique Moreno shares with LaMezcla his recent rise to fame in the social media world:


Q: What was or is your motivation to start and continue to do these videos?
ique Moreno: I was always the fun joker among all my friends and when making videos in Instagram became popular I decided to a video just for my friends and I thought it was fun and I didn’t expect it but it went viral. People starting messaging me asking me to do more and before you know I was recognized as Dique Moreno.

Q: The Dominican Uber is your signature thing what do you have planned next?
Dique Moreno:  Whatever comes to me. I am a spur of the moment guy so really whatever comes.  People recognize me as the Dominican Uber but I have done other videos.  It is popular so I give people what they want to keep the hype going but I try not to let that be the only thing that I am doing so I try to give people a variety.

Q: What is your favorite video that you have done?
Dique Moreno: The first Dominican Uber where I was mistaken for an American and then I spoke Spanish.  I like that one because that happens to me a lot in real life and its funny every time. It’s the true life of Dique Moreno.

Q: What your next plan video?
Dique Moreno: I am going to keep doing the Dominican Uber because that what people wants so I will keep that going but I will be doing other stuff.  I plan to dress up like a female and do some funny stuff.  So I will keep the Dominican Uber thing going but I will be doing other fun stuff so be on the lookout, it’s about to get crazy.

Q: What can you say about Dique Moreno that makes you different from the social media personalities?
Dique Moreno: I would say the hypeness.  I really get into character; I want the video to be believable. I want people to believe this can really happen.  The guy you see in the video is really me and how I react when things like that happen.

Q:Behind the scenes how do you plan your skits?
Dique Moreno: My genius comes when I am in the bathroom.  When I am sitting down that is when I am inspired and think of ideas for my videos.

Q: Aside from Instagram where else can people see your videos?
Dique Moreno: I am Facebook and I am getting a lot of attention in other countries so Facebook is doing really good.  I am working on my own YouTube channel and what I would like to do is doing a video on who I am to introduce myself as an artist as well as put longer videos on there.

Q:Who are the people that work with you behind the scenes?
Dique Moreno: My little sister is my number one helper, supporter.  Janina has been my camera girl and she has been there since day one.  I have my boy Eloy that has helped with my videos and gives me ideas and makes suggestions.  Others help me also to name a few Jeeb, Patrick, Louie, flea Dee and Amori.  They help with giving me an outside opinion and help me make the right adjustments.

Q:What do you want LaMezcla.com followers to know about Dique Moreno the man behind the camera?
Dique Moreno: 
I want people to know that this is me trying to make people laugh and make people have a better day after they seem one of my videos.  I am not trying to get famous and get a big head. My mom past away and I am a lot like her, she has a great fun personality and she made people smile and happy so I want to do the same thing and always stay positive. I want the credit of helping people go from a bad day to a good day.

Q: What can we expect on Saturday February 27that the Tampa Take Over event club tropics?
Dique Moreno: 
You can expect Dique Moreno the Dominican Uber to take the day off and turn the bleep up and have a good time with my people.

Q: What would you say to young people who want to become an IG personality?
Dique Moreno: 
IG personality should not be the go to for anybody.  It’s fun but focus on your education and get yourself situated.  Once you stable with your education, and life in general then do your thing with IG.

Q: Do you see yourself on TV?
Dique Moreno: 
Of course, my mom use to always tell me that I belong on TV that I would be a good actor.  It’s definitely one of my goals.  I have done it in school and was always in front of the camera.  IG is definitely helping me achieve that goal of acting.

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years?
Dique Moreno: I hope to be acting with the help of God and my mom’s blessing I will have reached my goal of acting or maybe stand up.  You never know I might become the next Latino Kevin Hart.

Q: What ideas do you have to engage more people to increase your fan base?
Dique Moreno: Keeping people attention by doing the dumbest thing to just keep people smiling and laughing and talking about my videos.  But my fundamental thing is to do things that people can relate to and I just exaggerate it.

Be on the look for great and fun things as Dique Moreno working to expand his list of crazy Dominican Characters for upcoming videos.  Dique Moreno has the Charisma and the Swag to take his career to new heights while expanding the Dominican Uber character to situations we all can relate to.  Do you want to be that person in the back seat of the Dominican Uber, stay tuned to LaMezcla.com as we will be presenting something new and crazy for our LaMezcla followers!

Don’t miss out on a chance to meet Dique Moreno as he hosts the LaMezcla Tampa Tale Over Dominican Independence Day Celebration at Club Tropics in Tampa February 27th.


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