DJ Amo The Mixtape Assassin Latin DJ Q&A/Interview

DJ Amo
DJ Amo

Q: When did the name DJ Amo come about? 
A: DJ Amo (Pronounced Ammo) was my B Boy & Graffiti Tag Name Since 1981. In 1984 I Started DJing & Kept the Name. I spell it with 1 M because when I did Graffiti I didn’t like the 2 MM’s Together. So to all those Fake DJ Amo’s out there. I Been Amo since 1981

Q: How old were you when you started mixing?
A: I was 10yrs old when I got my First Pair of Technic 1200’s But 12 When I mastered scratching and blending.

Q: What radio stations have you appeared Djing in? 
A: I use to DJ on WBLS 107.5 FM NYC for 10 weeks of the summer of 1992 For the House Mix at Noon. WNYU 89.9 fm Every Tuesday for About 6 months. 1992 Twice on Hot 97 NYC Midnight Rave Live From Limelight & Roseland Summer of 1993.

Q: What is your aka?
A: DJ Amo Aka The Mixtape Assassin Aka The King of Blends Aka Big Sexy LOL….

Q: What other experience in entertainment do you have other than Djing? 
A: I Have My B.A. in the Recording Arts. I Quit DJing in 1996 to Become A Producer & Recording Engineer. I Produced Songs, Remixes and Engineered Songs for Artist Such as Celine Dion, Deborah Cox, Jon Secada & More. I have had a few House Hits and A Few Remixes that became House Anthems. I was Jonathan Peters Personal Recording Engineer. Which is one to The Top House Producers Out?

Q: Where did your djing career begin? 
A: First Club I ever did was Roseland in NYC the Day that The Tennis Player Got Killed in the Train Station By Kids Trying to get Money to go the Club. It was A Big Concert 1991 All The Freestyle All-Stars was Performing & DJing was Me, Lil Louie Vega, John “Gungie” Rivera & Roman Ricardo It Was Crazy 2500 on My First DJ Night.

Q: How do you feel changing from the NY music world to the Fl music? 
A: I just don’t Like that Florida Takes long getting into the new music. FL lets the Radio tell them what’s hot. As for NYC the DJ’s and People tells the radio what’s hot.

Q: How does it feel to be compared to the top djs in Florida? 
A: It feels ok. But it’s Feel Even Better That I am Being Compared to the Best in NYC. Because I get more love in NYC then Florida. Nyc Loves Blends & Mashups Florida don’t really Care about that.

Q: What advice do you have for Djs that want to be as successful as you? 
A: Work Hard. Must Important is To Have your Own Style. Don’t be scared to be Different.It’s Better When people are Compared to you then You Being Compared to them.

Q: What is your Favorite part of
A: That it’s a One Stop Site. You Get Gossip, Music, Info & New all in One Site and About Everything Not Just Music. OOO CAN”T FORGET THE MODAL Q&A’s WOW!!! LOL

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