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Justin Lopez, also known as DJ Ju5tin, discovered deejaying through his father Dan.  From the tender age of five, Justin watched in awe as his father deejayed and he began to express an interest in mixing music .  One day, while observing his father intently, Justin could no longer just sit and watch.  He needed to get his hands on the mixing board.  Hesitant at first, his father decided to let him give it a try.

From the moment Ju5tin placed his hands on the mixing board it was second nature to him.  He instinctually maneuvered his hands over the equipment like an artist effortlessly painting a canvas.  Since that fateful first experience, DJ Ju5tin’s excitement for mixing has transformed into a career as an inspirational professional whose story and talent has touched thousands of people.  Deejaying is an astonishing feat for any 10-year-old boy, let alone one suffering from a rare medical condition.  Justin suffers from a genetic disorder called Glycogen Storage Disease, or GSD.  His story has been featured on many news venues including Despierta América, a Spanish morning show on Univision television network, and most recently on Telemundo’s Nightly News.  Justin has also been fortunate enough to share his story on local and national news channels.  He has toured the country visiting cities like Boston, New York City, Washington D.C, and New Orleans.  In addition, Justin has traveled throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania and even delighted audiences abroad with his magnificent talent.

Justin‘s daily life is slightly less glamorous and differs in some ways from other 10-year-old boys.  While he attends school each day alongside his peers, he faces unique challenges due to his medical condition. What comes easily for a typical ten-year-old boy poses serious challenges to Justin.  His condition greatly affects the strength of his muscles and doing things independently such as getting dressed takes him some extra time.  He is able to walk on his own, but running or riding a bike is challenging from time to time. One of the greatest obstacles facing Justin is difficulty with his speech.  He is limited to a few words at a time.  Where he lacks in his ability to communicate verbally, he’s learned to harness and transmit his emotion sonically.

Ju5tin has transcended limitations and discovered his voice through his passion for music, allowing him to express himself to the world.  His inspiring story exemplifies the power of believing in oneself and pursuing one’s dream no matter the obstacles.  It is Ju5tin’s hope to inspire others to “Never Give Up”.

To follow DJ Ju5tin and his upcoming events all social medias are listed under his stage name:  Dj Ju5tin.

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