DJ Junior Tec

Junior Tec

“Club DJ”; Mr. “Party, Party, Party”, Mr. “I Play, You Listen”, Mr. “Spidey”, The inventor of the “Blend Remixes”. Before He was any of these names, DJ Junior Tec was a young Puerto Rican kid named William De Jesus, from the Bronx, in New York City. At the age of 14 introduced to his turntables, and later began hustling his mix-tapes at local car washes all over the Tri-state area. Mixing and Remixing everything from “House” music, Techno, Hip-hop, R&B, Latin, Reggae, Reggaeton, Eventually Releasing a series of ‘Blend Tapes’ (mash-ups), called “The Blends” which later became known as “Spidey Blends”; named after his favorite comic book hero. Distributing more than 5,000k Tapes/Cd’s a month, beginning in the late 90’s thru late 2000’s for a period of 10 years; well you do the math and that should equal a little over Half-a-million units!

In 2001, thousands of mix Cd’s circulated through the streets of New York and through out  the United States heavily boot-leged, which led DJ Junior Tec to residencies in major Clubs like; “The Play House”, “Sue’s Randevous”, “After Dark”, “The Back Door”, and “Skate Key” (just to name a few). Also traveling to Las Vegas, playing in clubs like, “Mandolay Skybox”, “Venus”, “Sevens”, and teaching at a school for DJ’s called “Interstate Records”, which was owned by one of his biggest fans. In addition to Las Vegas, DJ Junior Tec traveled up and down the east coast spinning at  Club’s from Boston all the way down to Florida. His nation wide exposure led him to pre-recorded shows for Radio stations like N.Y.U. college radio 89.1fm, 91.9 fm, and Sirius Satelite Radio. which also led to “Promo” tours with many popular artist such as Cuban Link, Mya, Jadakiss, The Game, Daddy yankee, Don Omar, Alexis Y fido.

After returning from his promo tour in late 2000, DJ Junior Tec returned home to be with his family, catching up on his personal life. Later he began to learn more about producing music (making beats), meanwhile continuing with with his career as  a DJ, working His resident club “Tribecca” in (Fort Lee, N.J.), now known as “Club Soho”, and many other local clubs through out the United States.

In 2010, DJ Junior Tec started an elite DJ crew called “The Professionalz”. He also continues to distribute his Mix-cd’s as follows: “House Party” (Progressive House/Dance), “Reggae Party” (DanceHall/Reggae), “Reggaeton Latino” (Exclusive Reggaeton), & “Radio killa” (Exclusive Hip-hop & R&B), all on a ‘monthly’ basis, distributing up to 4,000 digital promo copies. DJ Junior Tec has been nominated many times for his work at “Justo’s Mix-tape” awards, and “Latin Mixx” awards, and looks forward to producing and recording tracks for his upcoming independent album called; ” I Play > You Listen”,  set to be released on “i-tunes” in late 2012.

“I Play > You Listen”.
Booking info: 1-347-386-8588

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