DJ Straight Factz

Location: Connecticut
Format: Open

Hello my name is Juan Diego Taveras behind the mic and tables I go by DJ Straight Factz. I’m from a small city in Connecticut, that is full of diversity and culture. My music influences came at a younger age. Where my family would always have parties where the music would be blasting! As a kid I thought it was the coolest thing to feel the bass from the speakers hitting your chest and seeing everyone enjoying them self’s. Once I was old enough to get on the computer and download and listen to music I became the family dj for all the parties! Learning and listening to music that made my family enjoy there time together! One day I finally said I’m going to take this further. From that moment I brought my own set up and a new computer and got to work! Since then I’ve pushed my self further than I ever thought I could, working everyday towards my goals of living on music I’m currently a college student majoring in music production. I am full time dj at night. Playing many different nightclubs, venues, private and public events. I am an open format dj, I love to bring the house down and rock the crowd! What pushes me is the feeling you get once you have that crowd rocking it’s almost intoxicating and makes you want to be the best of you! I’m proud to be part of the La mezcla family! It shows with drive and motivation you can achieve anything you want! Passion is something that flows within you and for me music will always be life!

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