DJ Peluche

Location: West Palm Beach
Format: Latin

Hello my beautiful people. My government name is Edward Delgado. Also known as DJ Peluche. Started my career as a DJ beginning of the year 2009. Known for the enthusiasm of the art. Started off in a small bar called El Ti Sports Bar with CDs at that time I didn’t know how to mix and got some pointers from a friend that’s a DJ. After I learned how to mix I started making more noise than I thought. I am known to have a great knowledge of Latin music and vary my sets night after nights. I have DJ’d in big Dominican oriented concerts. I have DJ’d in Paterson, NJ, NYC, Miami and currently resident DJ of La Isla Del Encanto in West Palm Beach. Ever since I was young I admired and enjoyed almost every type of music my ears can listen. Before I was a DJ I used to be the guy on the dance floor since I get there until the night is finished. Which helped a lot with my selections. I got about 9 to 10 years currently as a DJ. And I am still seeking to sharpen and educate myself of the never ending music. Passionate with my talent and always humble.

I am not Pinky nor Brain. But. I am trying to take over the world. With my music and enthusiasm!

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