DJ Scuff Biography

William Jr. Walther Jimenez, better known by his aliases “DJ Scuff”, “Scuff Selecta” or the “Ma Que Kracha”, began his DJing and music production career inspired by 90’s hip-hop music from Onyx, Lords of The Underground, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and more. By the year 2000, his obsession and knowledge of music led him to the path of producing, playing, and DJing his own music as well as the works of others. He bought his own turntables and started to listen to the techniques of DJ’s Qbert, Atrak, Babu, Mix Master Mike, and others, inspiring him to dedicate himself to the art of Turntablism. While he practiced and learned the craft, he began producing tracks in his home studio for various artists in his homeland, the Dominican Republic. DJing and music production were no longer just a hobby, but a full-fledged passion. He joined a group of four DJ’s called “Los Decepticons”, and started playing innovative shows never before seen in the Dominican Republic. The group released a record, “Solida Alianza”, consisting of a mix of urban, international and Dominican genres.

A fanatic of underground hip-hop: Definitive Jux, Company Flow, Mos Def, Aesop Rock, Mr Life, among others, DJ Scuff continued to hone is production techniques by producing tracks for underground Dominican rap artists. He met Nukleo Salomon, another fan and creator of underground hip-hop, and together began to collaborate on projects. They began working with a group of Dominican Mc’s called Lo Correcto. Lo Correcto’s gritty raps of life living in Dominican slums fit perfectly with DJ Scuff’s production. By 2003, DJ Scuff, as an official member of Lo Correcto, worked as DJ and producer on various projects: “Union Individual” and “Dinero Sucio de la Facultad”. As well as working with Lo Correcto artists, Scuff also worked with other Dominican MC’s such as R-1, Stros, and 8cero9, establishing himself as a go to Hip-Hop DJ and producer in the Dominican Republic.

From 2006 to 2007, Scuff produced tracks for a project titled “Desde el Barrio” as well as various mixtapes: “Temblor de Tierra”, “Te la Puse Come E!”, “Calle Sin Salida”, “A Tiempo Completo”, “Sin Demagogia”, and “La Franquicia”, featuring Dominican Mc’s: Lapiz Conciente, Shelow Shaq, Vakero, Beethoven Villaman, Sin Fin, Judiny, Stros, El Chobbi, among others. In 2006, Scuff traveled to Bogota, Colombia to DJ in the famous Rap de Colombia Festival calle “Rap Pal Parque” which played to a crowd of 40,000 people.

In 2009 DJ Scuff released a record called “Dembow de Mafu” to an international success. A hit in the Dominican Republic, as well as New York and other cities around the world, the single helped DJ Scuff gain fans and play shows in Europe, where he traveled to Switzerland, Canada, and to New York, Atlanta, Florida, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
All his recent success has enabled DJ Scuff to continue to do what he knows and loves best. And that is rocking parties where he has upmost control of the turntables from his years of practice and dedication. In his own words: “I love it when people enjoy the party while I DJ. There’s no better feeling.”

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