Location: Orlando
Format: Open

As the club lights are dimmed, the spotlight is focused on two hands. The audience waits in anticipation as the two hands begin to mix, play and pump out some the hottest music today. The crowd can’t help but dance and rock to the beats this DJ blasts. Who is this DJ who can rock the party like no other? It’s the one and only DJ TOMA.

When DJ Toma spins at a club it is more like a show than a party because his audience is always entertained. DJ Toma is one of the best latin deejays in the United States.

Toma has blessed crowds with his skills at some of the hottest nightclubs in NYC including Club Villa, Bogarts, The Vue, Lemon Lounge, MiGente café, Nacimiento, Juniper Lounge, Mango Lounge,China Club, LQ’s and  the world famous Pacha. By working alongside top deejays like La Megas Dj Jinx Paul, The Heavy Hitter C-LO & Fat Fingas,12 cartels dj Abrupt, Toma has been able to stay on top of his game. By studying his fellow elite Toma learned to tap into other music genres such as Hip Hop, House, Reggae & Techno. Toma’s versatility contributes to his success and allows him to perform well in front of various crowds.

Introduced to the art of deejaying by friend and mentor Dj Jinx Paul, Toma has embraced the skill with open arms. Known for having long periods of relentless cutting and blends, Toma has honed all of his talent to make him stand out on the party scene. A majority of his free time is spent perfecting his deejay skills. His dedication to his art has led him to be known as one the hottest deejays around.

His unique urban style and high energy are greatly influenced by New York City DJ idols Alex Sensation, Dj Lobo, Johnny Formulari and Jinx Paul. As a New York  resident, Toma would take advantage of every opportunity to see, hear and study his prime-time idols. Toma recalls driving up & down NYC on many nights at age 18 just to listen to his favorite dj’s do what they do best on the radio.

Now, Toma often finds himself meeting his deejay idols and working in venues where they performed. “It amazes me when I am playing in a club and deejays such as: Johnny Formulari & Spin One are listening to me play.”

Entering High School at Louis D. Brandeis in NYC, completely changed Toma’s career. He developed as an individual and gained valuable experience performing for diverse crowds. It was local house parties and venues that caused Toma to break away from the shadows of his DJ idols and create a unique style of his own. It was not too long ago that Toma was content with warming up at small nightclubs, but now has evolved into a headline performer who often rocks arena-size crowds.

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