DJ TonyStar El Tonka Latin DJ Q&A/Interview

DJ TonyStar
DJ TonyStar

Q: How did you come up with the name Dj Tonystar? 
A: Well As A Dj My First Name Was Dj Tony , With Time In The Industry And Thanks To My Skills I Started To Think About A More Commercial Name , Dj Tony-Sniper , Dj Tony-Flow And More Then I Was Looking At A Reggaeton Web Page And Saw The Name Of Guelo Star , I Started Saying Dj Tonystar Dj Tonystar Dj Tonystar …Lol And It Kind Of Stuck To Me And The Rest Is History… Nothing More.

Q: What is your nationality?
A: My Father And Mother Are From Vega Baja Puerto Rico But I Was Born In Ft. Belvoir Virginia.(Army Base)

Q: What do you like best about being a Dj?
A: I Love Music I Love Making People Scream And Have A Good Time . I Enjoy Every Minute Of It . There Is Nothing More Satisfying Than Make Others Have A Good Time With All The Struggle Of Todays World , A Couple Of Hours A Week Of Party Sometimes Make A Different In Someones World Trust Me ..It Works For Me……

Q: Where did your career begin?
A: I Started Djing In Puerto Rico With My Albino Friend Mario Melendez. Also My Father R.I.P Hiram Rosario Was A Musician. So My Love For Music Is Been There From The Begining. Then I Moved To Augusta Ga. I Was Doing Weddings , Quinceaneros, Ect. Then Went To A Club, Da Only Latin Spot In Aug. Ga Lol, I Became The Dj Helper, The People Started To Notice My Little Skills And Keept Getting Motivated . After 2 Years As A Helper My Big Break Came … Finaly. It Was A Reggae Club Straight Up Jamaican Spot “Carribean Club” And Then I Moved To Orlando Fl. And Started As A Bouncer @ Latin Power Cafe Oakridge Rd.(Was Last Mirage) 4 Month After, Became The Dj Playing Nothing But Merengue Bachata Salsa Tipico And Little Reggaeton. Then Cocos Call Me Back Room Straight Up Reggaeton And Then Roxy , Hush (Envy), Firestone…. And U Guys Now The Rest Lol… For Bookings 407-844-7457 Okayyy!!

Q: As a dj that has met many different artist which is your favorite out of all? 
A: My Favorite ………… Franco El Gorila, J King Y Maximan, Yoskar Serante

Q: Which artist do you keep in touch with on a personal basis? 
A: I Dont Like To Get Artist # They Always Change Their #……

Q: If you never became a dj what would you be doing? 
A: Business Owner, Grafix Designer Or Who Knows……

Q: Where did your,”OKKAAAAYYY” chant come from? 
A: Well Kind Of Took It And Made It Better Jajaja Franco El Gorila Inspire Me!!!

Q: Being a successful dj, working with many artist, and djing all over the united states what advice do you have for people that want to be as successful as yourself?
A: Well In Any Business There Is Competition, You Have To Want It You Have To Do Alot Of Research, Motivation Is Key No Matter What Goes On In Your Personal Life Theres Always Time For Everything Organize Yourself Make Time For What Ever It Is That You Do , Dont Let Anyone Come Between Your Dreams No Matter What…. Is Hard To Say It But As Long As You Stay Positive Theres Nothing That Can Stop You Trust Me Im Still Fighting Again All Odds. Thank God Every Day Dont Matter How Ugly Is Outside , Program Your Mind To See It Beautifull Okayyyyyyyy

Q: As a friend and an important person that has not only helped LaMezcla but has been there since the beginning what are some thing about us that you would like to let people know? 
A: It Keeps You Up To Date On All Music Entertaiment News About Your Favorite Artist Plus Gives Exposer To All Upcoming Local Artist . Thats A Very Good Combination. Also The Persons Behind It All Very Humble People. I Will Help La Mezcla Continue To Growth As Long As God Allowed Me To…. Thanks For The Opportunity

Dj Tonystar El Tonka Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

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