Doctor Music presents the album “Classical Music, Magic Music Vol.1” by Origami

The Costa Rican producer nominated for the Latin GRAMMY® Jorge Castro presented with his group ORIGAMI his new children’s record production Música Clásica, Música Mágica Vol. 1 alongside a prestigious cast of guests.

The album has received the support of great figures in the music and entertainment industry such as the Oscar® winner Gustavo Santaolalla (Click Here), the international communicator Ismael Cala (Click Here) and the talented actress and singer Maribel Guardia, among other personalities.

ORIGAMI is made up of Ana Cecilia Lizano Dobles (classical harpist, psychologist and child music therapist), Isabella Castro Gámez (voice) and Jorge Castro Doctor Music® (keyboards, arrangements, production and direction).

The group was nominated in 2014 for the awards of the Association of Composers and Authors of Music (ACAM), it was the first artist to carry the Country Brand Essential Costa Rica on a CD and also had the honor to play in the VIP of the concert by Sir Paul McCartney at the National Stadium of Costa Rica.


This is a production aimed at children whose objective is to contribute to the musical and emotional development of children by bringing them in a friendly way to the fantastic world of classical music through short works, with magical arrangements, highlighting interesting aspects of life of its composers in a short and funny introduction narrated by the girl Isabella, just 5 years old.
As part of the invited artists we can find an interesting mix of world-class musicians, teachers and music students.

The Franz Liszt Schule School is a recognized institution with a unique musical approach in Costa Rica that aims to train people with skill and social, cultural and academic sensitivity, which is why music education begins from preschool. Students Isabella Castro Gámez (voice), Alonso Contreras (Clarinet), Juliana Pizarro (Transverse flute) and the teacher and professional oboist Kendy Calvo (Oboe) participate from the FLS school.

From Cuba, the album has the participation of the Sextet Salas made up of students graduated from the middle level of vocational schools Daniel Guzman Romero (Violin I), Maira Yeline Quintana Viset (Violin II), Katiuska Silva Eli (Viola I), Taine García Olea (Viola II) Orlando Hernández Lescille (Cello), Francisco Barrera Cruz (Double Bass) under the direction of Damián Busqueta who recorded in the famous EGREM studio in Havana.

The album also features musicians of international stature such as Fernando Muñóz (violin), a member of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica and several times nominated and winner of the Latin GRAMMY® and EMMY®, multi-instrumental virtuoso Dr. José Valentino Ruiz (flute ).

All produced by Jorge Castro Ruiz (Doctor Music) who was nominated for a Latin GRAMMY® in 2019 in the category of Best Classical Music Album and in 2020 he was one of the musical producers and mastering engineer of the album “Artistas de Profession ”by the band Sophia Nominated for Best Latin Music Album for Children and was also one of the recording engineers for the album AGUIJE by the band Tierra Adentro nominated in the category of Best Folk Album.

Last but not least, the album cover is a spectacular painting by established Costa Rican artist Adrián Gómez, widely recognized locally and internationally for his work that represents Costa Rican Afro-Caribbean culture with strong colors and child-focused joy.

“It has been a true privilege to record with my daughter Isabella, with Ana on the harp and with such talented guests, and having received the support of artists such as Gustavo Santaolalla, Ismael Cala and Maribel Guardia is something invaluable that we truly take as a award for our effort ”, commented Castro.

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