Doubly father, artist immersed in a world tour, collaborator on songs with J Balvin, Camila Cabello or Paulo Londra... And if all this were not enough, Ed Sheeran also has time to give life to a new song whose premiere we have just around the corner.

It will be on September 29 when the British premiere Celestial, a song that is part of the promotion strategy of the new Nintendo video game: Pokémon Celestial. A stellar collaboration that follows the path taken by the Japanese company to lean on a generation of artists who have grown up with their franchise video games.

A few months ago we had the opportunity to enjoy Electric with Katy Perry. The Californian celebrated with her music the 25 years of existence of the saga and now it seems that the witness is picked up by Ed Sheeran. The English, precisely, is not unknown to the game…

“I started with Pokemon cards when the craze hit elementary school when I was around 7, then the cartoons were on TV so I used to try and record it on the same VHS every week. After this my brother and I shared a Game Boy and Pokémon blue. I had a Game Boy blue with Pokémon yellow for my eighth birthday. Being obsessed was an understatement, “he begins by explaining on his official Instagram profile.

In that account he has been leaving small clues of what he was to come along with a gigantic collection of stuffed Pokémon dolls, another proof that he is a fan of the franchise. And what the Englishman did not even imagine is that one day he would be singing for the game.

“Flash forward to my 31-year-old self still: I have the same color Gameboy and I still play Pokemon silver on long flights. I really love it. It gave me the chance as a kid to escape into a fantasy world that seemed to go on forever.” and on. Now in adult life it’s nostalgia that makes me feel like a kid again. I met the Pokemon people when I was traveling in Japan, and we joked about being able to write a song for them. But now here we are.” Ed Sheeran.

A dream come true that, as I said, is just around the corner: “Celestial comes out next Thursday, and the video is incredibly amazing, animated by the amazing people at Pokémon. I love it, you’re going to love it. And we all have to catch them all” ended by explaining Ed Sheeran.

It is not the first collaboration of this style in which Ed Sheeran participates. Because at the beginning of last year he already offered an online show through Pokémon Go for fans of both the augmented reality game and his followers who share his enthusiasm for Pokémon.

“You make me feel, like my troubled heart, is a million miles away, you make me feel, like I’m drunk on stars, and with that without out in a space, Celestial” the English musician is heard singing in several of the videos you have posted. Who said nerves? Take it out already!

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