El Big Man Del Mambo

El Big Man

El Big Man

Q:How do you feel being a well known dominican artist singing in the dominican festival in orlando in form of thousands of people? 
A:I feel very poud of myself, because I am doing what I like to do. I feel very good, because I shared the stage with others well known artist of my country.

Q:What do you like to do on your time off?
A: Go to the gym, watch tv, and listen to music.

Q:What do you like about LaMezcla.com?
A: I like the name, because they have a little bit of everything just like the name itself.

Q:As an artist yourself that has met many different artist which is your favorite out of all?
A: Hector Acosta “El torito”.

Q:Which artist do you keep in touch with on a personal basis? 
A: I talk to Eddy Herrera often, when I am in the Dominicana. Also to Julianna.

Q:How did you get your jump start into being a el big man del mambo?
A: I had a passion since I was a little kid, and one day I just decided to begin my dream.

Q:Have you ever thought of doing a collaboration with another artist for a hit single?
A: Not really, but I am open for anything.

Q:As a friend and an important person that has not only helped LaMezcla but has been there since the beginning what are some thing about us that you would like to let people know? 
A:Is a great website, if you want to search for good music, and be up to date with new songs and up coming artist in any genre. This is the website to visit.

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