El Chulo Estrena “Loco Por Baliar Contigo” with Dream Featuring Gente De Zona

El Chulo has fulfilled one of his great dreams: to sing with Gente de Zona, one of the most respected exponents of the urban genre in the world.

“Crazy to dance with you” is now available worldwide on all platforms and is the central theme of El Chulo’s debut album, under the title “El Presidente.”

“This song, together with Gente de Zona, is the most important of my album ‘El Presidente’, and of my career. Ever since a Cuban starts singing reggaeton, his dream is to sing with Gente de Zona, since it is the group The most successful urban Cuban there is today. This collaboration was something I always dreamed of and envisioned, and thank God that dream came true, and I had the opportunity to have them for my album, “explained El Chulo.

“Crazy to dance with you” is a song that fuses reggaeton, dancehall and Cubatón. The track is contagious, melodic and party, with an international sound where El Chulo demonstrates his versatility as a vocalist / MC, along with the legendary Gente de Zona.

The members of Gente de Zona were the first Cuban artists to reach the top of Billboard’s “Hot Latin Songs” and are considered leaders of a musical revolution. The success of the song “Bailando”, together with Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno, helped them enter the international market. “La Gozadera”, with Marc Anthony, added even more repercussion.

The song was produced by the Venezuelan Motiff and co-produced by Alejandro “Pututi” Arce. Motiff brings to the table a musical proposal with an electronic-avant-garde sound with Latin influences. He has also produced hits by Gloria Estefan, Jencarlos, Pitbull, Marc Anthony, among others.

The video for “Loco to dance with you” was recorded at El Tucán restaurant-bar in Miami, directed by Ken Rodríguez, who has also directed and produced videos for El Alfa, Anuel AA and Arcángel.

El Chulo’s debut album, which will be released on October 2, consists of 20 songs. It has, in addition to Gente de Zona, with the collaboration of famous artists such as El Micha, Yomo, Franco El Gorila, Yoani Star, Kandiman and Yomil.

El Chulo is one of the greatest figures of the Cubatón. He has been recognized with two Gold Records, certified by the RIAA, for the singles “I’m explaining you” and “What show is you”.

Last year he was also recognized with the YouTube silver button for surpassing 100,000 subscribers on his channel. Currently it already has 188 thousand.

El Chulo joined the ONErpm family in 2017, the most important global independent music company in Latin America and home to artists such as Ivy Queen, Pepe Aguilar, Nanpa Básico, Gera MX, Charles Ans, Cultura Profética, among others. ONErpm is one of the fastest growing music companies on the market, with more than 200,000+ artists, record labels, and content creators and 5,000+ YouTube channels generating more than 8 billion views per month.

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