Enrique Iglesias – “Noche y de Dia” [Music Video Premiere]

The “Sex and Love” album has proved that Enrique Iglesias needs to give his English songs a rest. All of the English-language singles he’s released from his tenth studio album have tanked on the Hot 100. What happened? He’s just lost his ‘spark’ and ‘originality’ when it comes to his party-ready English songs. 2010 is so five years, and anything that slightly resembles “I Like It” has the word “flop” written all over it. Enrique has refused to understand this and he’s kept on recording this kind of tracks and teaming up with Pitbull.

Fortunately, he’s also found time to record music in Spanish, and in Spanish he still got it. There’s something about Enrique Iglesias’s sultry and catchy pop music in the Latin language that is so likeable by everyone. Unlike his English music, which needs much updating to do, Enrique doesn’t need to update anything when it comes to his Spanish songs. He can keep ‘partying’ all he wants.

Look at “Bailando” for instance. Huge hit in all of Latin America, Spain, the Latin Billboard Hot 100, and the Spanglish version also received very decent airplay on US mainstream radios and in other non-Spanish-speaking countries. I really hope all of this success had opened Enrique’s (and his label’s) eyes a little. He needs to record more music in Spanish. His next album needs to be 100% in Spanish and he needs to give his English music a one-album break so it gets refreshed.

So. Now that “Bailando” is out of the way, Enrique needs a new Spanish single to FEEL successful again (because you just know “Let Me Be Your Lover” feat. PITBULL – Enrique’s next English single – will be a huge commercial disaster). That’s why he’s picked the uber-amazing “Noche y de Dia” (“At night and daytime”) featuring reggeaton star Yandel and ‘electrolatino’ king Juan Magan. The song is a worthy successor to “Bailando”. It’s party-ready (remember Enrique’s “party-ready” genre in Spanish is still okay), it’s so addictive and catchy, and it’s the best club song that you could release in this chilling winter time. Just move your body to the mighty beat of “Noche y de Dia” and you’ll warm up in no time!

Last night, February 20th, the official music video for Enrique Iglesias’ “Noche y de Dia” surfaced on the Internet. Watch below:

Very nice, high-budget, dark, sexy, and original! Now that’s the kind of ‘underground’ party you just need to get invited to.

As a bunch of party-people have their time of their lives at a scary house lost in the middle of nowhere, Enrique, in sweatshirt and beanie, will perform his “Noche y de Dia” song with sudden appearances by Yandel and Juan Magan in an unoccupied room.

There has been some controversy about this video. Did you know? The “Noche y de Dia” clip was shot in the region of Galicia in Spain last year. The regional government paid Enrique 300,000 euros to promote the landscapes of the region and the monuments of its capital city Santiago, but the political opposition has slammed this ‘inhuman’ money spending because instead of giving it to Enrique Iglesias, the government could have used it in social activities or to improve the health system. Anyhow, that’s not my problem, but if I were the government of Galicia I would be a tiny bit pissed at Enrique because “Galicia” is only “sold” in the miserable first 40 seconds of the video then it’s showed no more in the rest of the video! 300k for that?

–Courtesy of Direct Lyrics

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