Erika Vanss renews her music and launches “Diamante Negro”

Erika Vanss presented her new song titled Diamante Negro, marking an important change in her music label with which she hopes to make the big leap.

The national artist had a commented passage through the last season of the Chilevisión talent show, The Voice, where she made her work known in a more direct way.

Originally from Vallenar, Erika comes from a family of artists and from a very young age she has shown her passion for singing. But it wasn’t until recently that she made the decision to go on TV.

Her vocal ability and the way she interprets each of her songs made her one of the favorites of Beto Cuevas, the program’s jury. Although she was not established as the winner, Vanss recognizes that it was a fundamental stage to boost her career.

“It was an experience where I learned what I needed to improve and what my main shortcomings were. Undoubtedly, processes that prompted me to get to know myself as an artist and to continue with my desire to bring joy to people through music”, declared the singer.

Thus, the vallenarina released her third single within this cycle as an emerging musician. This is Black Diamond, a special theme that marks a profound renewal of Erika Vanss.

With this, she makes it very clear what her current label is; She seeks to stand out as the new figure ‘AlterLATINA’, a style that the singer rescues from the nineties, to contribute to the musical mix, with new Latin American sounds.

The song offers a mix between salsa and ballads, with a story that evokes her days in the Atacama Region. Beyond the musical quality, the work is an honor to her area of ​​origin.

This style of innovating and changing her brand follows a clear line that Erika adopted for her career. She points out that she has “two key principles: I enjoy the versatility of music and I sing to make others happy.”

“I’ve never liked being pigeonholed and I believe my role as an artist is to experiment with all the styles I’m passionate about to create high-energy, memorable songs. With Diamante Negro I want to dance and generate positive emotions“.

In addition, the nortina evolves, day by day, thanks to a performance work guided by the Haux Record label, where she was signed more than a year ago.

The artist points out that she will continue to work on developing music with ideas that make her heart flutter. She focuses on creating letters that help empower people, from self-love.

For the next few months, she hopes to surprise with three new songs, which she is already working on. “You will continue to hear from me and my music. That’s how powerful and hardworking a Black Diamond is, who seeks success,” said the singer.

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