Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Lyanno is one of the leading voices in the Latin R&B movement within the reggaetón music scene. Both those sounds are beautifully blended on his latest single “En Tu Cuerpo.” He turns up the heat with the remix featuring fellow Boricua artists Lenny Tavárez and Rauw Alejandro and Argentine singer Maria Becerra.

Edgardo Cuevas Feliciano, who goes by his stage name Lyanno, first released “En Tu Cuerpo” this year on Valentine’s Day. The steamy music video has amassed over 20 million views on YouTube. He ups the sex factor with Tavárez, Alejandro, and Becerra, who adds a feminine touch to the alluring track. Lyanno’s squad keeps things hot in the new music video for the remix.

“En Tu Cuerpo” remix video:

Lyanno first started out making reggaetón music, but his career took a turn in 2015 when he began to add in his Latin R&B essence. With his smooth vocals and sexy lyrics, he developed his unique sound on his EPs like 2016’s AM and S.O.D.A. and last year’s Episodios. With this year’s Foreplay EP, which features the original version of “En Tu Cuerpo,” Lyanno has become an irresistible R&B crooner in reggaetón and Latin trap.

Thanks to key collaborations with other artists, Lyanno’s star continues to rise. He frequently teams up with Alejandro, another leader in the Latin R&B movement, and Cazzu, one of Argentina’s top Latin trap artists. He’s also scored major hits with Puerto Rican singers Lunay and Alex Rose. Lyanno talked with LaMezcla.com about making the “En Tu Cuerpo” remix come together, representing Latin R&B music, and what’s next.

Q: What have you been up to during quarantine?

I’m working hard despite everything that’s happened. Thanks to God that everything is going well – that I’m healthy and my family is healthy. That’s what’s important. I’m making a lot of music.

Q: What’s the message behind “En Tu Cuerpo”?

In reality, it’s a very intimate song. The original song was made to be dedicated to a special person. It’s for a romantic moment. It’s for an intimate moment with that special someone.

Q: How was the experience of making the remix?

It was a great experience. It was the first time that I worked with Maria Becerra from Argentina. I also worked with work Rauw Alejandro and Lenny Tavárez. We’ve worked together before and we always have great chemistry, so I brought them along for the remix. It was a little bit difficult with this COVID and quarantine situation. Making the video was like making the remix, but thank God that everything went well. The people are receiving it well.

Q: How did you film the remix music video?

Lenny Tavárez, Rauw, and I filmed in Miami and, because of this situation we’re in, Maria recorded her part in Argentina.

Q: Who are some of your influences?

In Latin music I have a lot of influences like Arcángel and De La Ghetto, Randy, and Daddy Yankee. In Anglo music, I’m inspired by The Weeknd and Trey Songz – that R&B vibe.

Q: You’ve collaborated with a lot of artists. Who do you want to work with next?

Thank God that I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Zion, and Randy. Those are my top artists. I would love to collaborate with J Balvin and Daddy Yankee. In Anglo music, like I was saying, I would love to collaborate with The Weeknd or Trey Songz if I had that opportunity.

Q: How do you feel to be representing the singers in the reggaetón and Latin trap space?

I feel very good. That’s my area – R&B Latino. From my generation, I believe there’s not too many people doing that type of music. There’s also Rauw Alejandro and Dalex. In this R&B Latino movement, it feels great that I have the support of the people, which is the most important thing for us. That’s what fuels me the most.

Q: You’ve collaborated the most with Rauw Alejandro. What do you like about working with him?

Apart from being colleagues, we’re great friends. We came out more or less around the same time and he’s always supported me and I’ve always supported him. That’s why we’re always collaborating.

Q: You’re a part of RIMAS Entertainment, Bad Bunny’s label. Would you ever collaborate with him in the future?

Yes, if I’m given the opportunity, of course. I would love to collaborate with him.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

My purpose since the beginning has always been for the people to identify with my music. I’m always singing about empowering women. I love to talk about what they feel and think – about bad romances or the sad or happy times. For me it’s very important to connect with my fans. Thank God for giving me that opportunity to do that. I’ve been able to meet many fans around the world who identify with what I sing. On a personal note, I hope to be able to release my first album. To get a nomination from the Billboard Latin Music Awards or the Grammys in the future is very important to me. To be able to tell my family that one day, I would be very happy.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I’m going to keep working on what will be my first album. I have a lot of collaborations on the way. I’m going to work single by single until I put my album out.

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