This week we had an exclusive Q&A with Deejay and Latin Artist DJ Kass. We spoke about his success, his career, and his social life. We also spoke about his new song “En Las Casa” which premiered today. Check out our Q&A let us know what you think and also drop some questions you would like to ask DJ Kass in the comments.   

Q: Tell us how you came about your new single “En La Casa”?

A: “En La Casa” came from a very funny experience that went down on my Instagram Live last month. I was in Kingston, Jamaica for a video shoot and was relaxing in my hotel room. This woman joins my Instagram Live and she’s laying naked on her bed in a very suggestive pose. I asked her where she was, and in a very deep voice she replied “EN LA CASA!!” I replied “HAY DIO MIO” in disbelief because I realized she was a HE. A very talented producer around my way named KR Beatz made a Dembow track around the dialogue from the convo and sent it to me. The rest is history.

Q: You started off as a  DJ, then many will say you became a Social Media Celebrity with your dancing videos and different posts. After all the success you have had in all 3 areas, what do you consider yourself as?

A: I consider myself a DJ and an entertainer. 

Q: You have more than one hit single, something that many artist are not able to accomplished in their lifetime. How do you plan your next big hit?

A: The only thing I can plan is to be true to myself and the music I do. When my personality comes through in my music, people seem to like it.  And when they like it, they always come back for more.

Q: We live in a world full of haters, some are friends, family, and other artist in the industry. You have been vocal in the past on how you feel about your haters. What tips or advice can you give our followers in staying motivated and looking past the hate?

A: People will always have their opinion on you despite who you are and what you’re capable of. Just focus on yourself, the people you love and the people that love you, you will be alright

Q: You were just part of a project called “Tiralo Pa Ka” with Charly Black, and Play-N-Skillz. How did the idea for that project come about, and how was it working with them?

A: Play-N-Skillz hit me up to collaborate on something they were working on. I laid some ideas down and sent it back to them. They played it for Charly Black and he loved it so much that he ended up using it for his album. We shot the video for “Tiralo Pa Ka” in Kingston, Jamaica which was an amazing experience for me. I loved working with Play N-Skillz and Charly Black; we got to work on a song that mixes Dembow and Dancehall, something that has never been done before.

Q: You have been able to work with many talented artist such as Pitbull, El Alfa, and Play-N-Skillz just to name a few. Is there anyone specific you wish to work with in the future?

A: I want to work with everyone from J. Balvin, Anuel, and Daddy Yankee to Swae Lee, Gunna, A Boogie and Meek Mill

Q: Is this success something you dreamed about or always wanted? I ask this because you started off as a deejay and as a deejay you can only go so far in certain markets and now you’re being consider an artist, which many other deejay have taken a similar route with their careers. 

A: I’ve always wanted to be a successful DJ in that my dream was to make a living as a DJ. “Scooby Doo Pa Pa” opened doors for me in many new markets in the US and parts of Europe and Latin America. I never thought I’d be an actual recording artist, but now that I’m here I can say it is not that different from being a DJ.

Q: Many have criticized you for your unique style and for being public about your feeling and thoughts on the industry. I have always said it is better to be honest than to be fake. Do you believe that we need more artist or music figures to be more real on how they see the music industry?

A: People should understand that this is a business and a lot of work goes into making the final product ready for consumption. I’m comfortable in my own skin so if I feel a way about something, I’m going to express it.

Q: Any advice that you can give your fans and our followers on the amount of work and dedication you have to give in order to reach the level of success you have?

A: If you put in the time and dedication to your craft, you will achieve whatever it is in life that you are passionate about!!!!

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