Q: 10 years ago a DJ was a DJ and a Producer was a Producer but in todays world for some there is a very thin line of separation. Can you tell us from your view that differentiations in a DJ and Producer?

A: I feel like most people don’t really know the difference. So there’s DJs, there’s Radio DJs, and then… there’s DJ/Producers that play and create their own music and that’s what makes us artists because the music it’s attached to a brand that impacts and influences people across the globe. 

Q: You have worked with a long list of amazing artist, from J Quiles, Anitta, to Farruko and Steve Aoki just to name a few. Out of all the artist you have worked with who has been your favorite and who has been the hardest to work with?

A: When it comes to working with A-list artists it’s almost effortlessly, the vibes are always all they up and it flows naturally every time. I find it harder to work with up-coming artists because they’re still finding their sound or are not as confident so I have guide them or push them to really deliver their highest potential. 

Q: Going to Cuba from Miami and Now LA, how much culture and inspiration have you gained from experiencing these 3 unique but also similar areas?

A: An immense amount of creativity flows when you’re exposed to different cultures all in one studio. There’s really no place like Miami. The cultural diversity, the night life and native Miami artists have inspired my music the most.  LA inspired me in a different way, it made me want to work 100 times harder and experiment with new sounds. 

Q: We read that you singed a 3 year deal with Universal Music Group sub-label After Cluv, how much of a big deal was that for you as an individual with a passion for music?

A: Even though it wasn’t a “major deal” it was my 1st deal with a major label so it’s definitely rewarding to see the biggest record companies interested in working with me and recognizing the talent plus all the hard work I’ve been putting in for years.  

Q: In January you released “Papeles” which featured Lary Over, Alej, Yashua, and Menor Menor. The video has 1.4 Million Views on Youtube. How excited were you to work on this project, and how did you approach all the featured artist?

A: I had no idea “Papeles” would end up turning into a monster track with so many artists featured on it. It went through a year process until we found the right formula. I was excited to get each verse from each artist and see how I would put it all together like a puzzle. 

Q: You have traveled to many places around the world. Which by far has been your favorite place to visit?

A: So far I think hanging out with Steve Aoki in Japan for almost a week has been one of the craziest most inspiring trips. Joining him on the main stage at EDC Japan in a stadium full of kids felt surreal to me. I haven’t even been to Europe yet so playing in Tokyo was interesting and fun. 

Q: Any new project coming out that you can give us a sneak peek about?

A: So my next single has one of the world’s biggest dance hall artists featured as well as a very well known cuban artist from Miami who is like family to me. Can’t wait to share the big news! (also still working on Farruko’s new album “Gangalee”) 

Q: Going back to working with artist, can you give us 3 artist you hope to work with soon?

A: Post Malone, Bad Bunny & Diplo. maybe we all end up in one song together 😉 

AQ:  lot of our followers don’t understand the amount of hard work that goes in to making all of this happen. Any advice that you can to others who are inspiring to take the same path? 

A: My advice is: don’t listen to nobody, do what you want & be yourself. 

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