F* that. Fur. Fashion Tips

After a few days of “trend watching” I was able to find one trend I completely love. Fur. Yes, fur. For several years I have always wanted to wear some fur, FAUX fur, but never found an “occasion” where I wouldn’t look crazy.

Fashion is meant to stand out and this season you can stand out by steering away from hoodies for a while and grabbing a fur vest. Tan, black or gray are some nice color fur vests we have been seeing pop up over the past two weeks. Match this with a pair of leather leggings and some heels. Boom. Easy peasy and comfy outfit.

On another note…. wearing black is nice. Black makes you slim and helps you blend in with everyone else. You were born to stand out. Let’s ditch the black for a little while and try some tans or creams. Until next time.

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