Famous Families In Latin Music

The old saying ‘like father, like son,’ also applies to Latin music. The following dynasties have had a significant impact across various genres including Mexican musicLatin JazzSalsa,Brazilian music and Latin Pop. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous families in the history of Latin music.

The Lopez Family

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Lopez is one of the most common last names across the Latin world. It is also the last name of a Cuban family responsible for delivering two of the finest bassists in the history of Latin music: Israel ‘Cachao’ Lopezand his nephew Orlando ‘Cachaito’ Lopez. While Israel played an important role in the making of Mambo music, Orlando achieved success when he played the bass for the Buena Vista Social Club.

The Aguilar Family

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The Aguilar dynasty has had a significant impact on traditional Mexican music. Thanks to the legendary Antonio Aguilar, one of the most beloved singers and actors from Mexico, and his son Pepe, this family has produced one of the largest repertoires of Corrido and Rancherasongs.

The Gilberto Family

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The Gilberto family is synonym of Bossa Nova. In fact, while Joao Gilberto coined the unique guitar playing style of this genre, his first wife Astrud became one of the most popular Bossa Nova singers of all time especially with the memorable recording of “The Girl From Ipanema.” Eventually, Joao and Astrud got divorced, and he ended up marrying Miucha, another singer who was also the sister of Brazilian artist Chico Buarque. Joao and Miucha are the parents of the famous Brazilian-American Bossa Nova and Jazz singer Bebel Gilberto.

The Quintanilla Family

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Through the music of the iconic Selena, the Queen of Tejano Music, and the eclectic beats of the music produced by the Kumbia Kings, the Quintanilla family has left a permanent imprint in popular Mexican musica. Before putting together the Kumbia Kings, Abraham (A.B.) Quintanilla and his famous sister played together in the band Los Dinos.

The Camargo Family

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This Portuguese last name probably does not tell you anything about Latin music. However, the women of the Camargo family had recorded outstanding Brazilian music. The Brazilian pianist and music producer Cesar Camargo Mariano was, in fact, the second husband of Elis Regina, the legendary singer considered by many the most beautiful voice ever coming from Brazil. Following the steps of her mother, Maria Rita has become one of the most popular singers in modern Brazilian music.

The Hernandez Family

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For nearly half a century, the Hernandez family has been producing outstanding Mexican music. Back in 1968, Jorge Hernandez got together with his brothers and cousin to form a band named Los Tigres del Norte. Since then, this popular group has produced one of he best repertoires of Norteno music. Thanks to this, they have become the absolute kings of this genre.

The Valdes Family

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Just like the Lopez family has produced outstanding bassists, the Valdes Family is associated with talented pianists and Latin Jazz. Bebo Valdes and his son Chucho have influenced Afro-Cuban music in a significant way. In 1972, Chucho Valdes founded the famous band Irakere.

The LeBron Family

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The LeBron Brothers (Los Hermanos LeBron in Spanish), is one of the best Salsa bands coming from New York. As suggested by its name, this group combined the different musical talents of five brothers. Originally influenced by the Latin Boogaloo fever of the 1960s, the LeBron Brothers soon jumped into the Salsa wagon of the 1970s. Since then, this popular band has enhanced its repertoire with songs such as “La Temperatura,” “Que Pena” and “Diez Lagrimas”.

The Iglesias Family

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This is one of the families where the saying ‘like father, like son,’ totally applies. From the legendary Julio Iglesias to the current popularity of his son Enrique, the Iglesias family has had a significant impact on mainstream music. Although not as popular as Enrique, Julio Iglesias Jr. (Julio Iglesias’ oldest son) has also developed a music career.

The Vianna Telles Veloso Family

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There is a lot of talent in this family. The Vianna Telles Veloso family has produced two of the most popular Brazilian artists in history: Caetano Veloso and Maria Bethania. While the former is widely considered one of the best songwriters in Brazilian music, the latter has captivated audiences with her beautiful voice. Moreno Veloso, Caetano’s son, has also developed a music career enjoying decent popularity in Brazil.

The Estefan Family

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The Estefan family is one of the most influential families in Latin music. This is the only family on this list where there are not any blood ties between the stars of the family. However, the powerful marriage that brought together producer Emilio Estefan Jr. and Latin Pop diva Gloria Estefan has influenced generations of artists since the time they played together with the legendary Miami Sound Machine.

The Fernandez Family

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In this case, we could use a modified version of the old saying and state ‘like father, like sons.’ Vicente Fernandez, the King of Ranchera Music, has injected all his sons with a big portion of his enormous talent. The Fernandez dynasty is one of the most famous families in terms of traditional Mexican music. Besides Vicente, the careers of his sons Alejandro and Pedro have enjoyed enormous popularity among Mexican music fans. In fact, it is not unusual to see them compete against each other during some of the most popular Latin music awards of the year.

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