FANATIC self-harms to become disabled TO SEE BAD BUNNY

A few days before the beginning of November, all the fans of the Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny are getting ready to witness the long-awaited concert that he had announced at the beginning of this year.

One of the countries that is already carrying out the respective logistics and organization is Peru, where a woman had to self-harm to start camping in the long lines that already accumulate at the National Stadium in Lima.

One of the residents of the Peruvian capital, Dariness, has been queuing since last October 24, all in order to obtain one of the best places to appreciate the show of the interpreter of ‘Titi Me Preguntó’, ‘Ojitos Lindos’ , ‘Me Porto Bonito’, ‘Yo Perreo Sola’, among other hits.

However, what caught the attention of netizens was that her excuse for missing work had to be very convincing so that her boss would not suspect anything of her and could easily believe her.

“I told my parents that I went on vacation. I self-harmed to get medical leave and go camping. Boss, if you see this, please forgive me, I was really injured, but I took my cast off so I could camp. Boss, I love you very much but please do not fire me, “said the woman in the local media ‘LR +’.

The Peruvian told in the aforementioned medium that she threw herself down the stairs to be able to suffer a fracture in her foot, an objective that she managed to achieve. Also, she said that she had to remove the cast because she could not walk comfortably, therefore, it does not appear that she had any injury or fracture.

But her adventure will not end there, after enjoying the ‘Bad Rabbit’ concert on November 13 and 14, Dariness will join the event of the British artist and composer Harry Styles, as she assured in ‘LR +’

“While I’m waiting in line, I’m sewing a garment that a client asked me for the Harry Styles concert, an event that I’m also going to attend.”

The interpreter of songs like ‘Story Of My Life’, ‘Adore You’, ‘Kiss You’, among others, will perform in Lima on November 29, so that in the middle of that month the journey of many fans will already begin of pop to see Harry Styles, as will, again, Dariness. What excuse will she invent this time?

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