Farruko – Don’t Let Go (Official Video)

Music and politics have always gone hand in hand, artist showcasing how they feel towards a president or an action made by the government. In Farruko’s newest music video he shows his emotion towards an issues that connects all Latinos. President Trumps immigration policies, he starts the video with a voice that sounds like Trumps speaking about his views on Latin immigrants, then you see agents in tanks driving around neighborhoods looking for immigrants to detain. The intro also shows a female walking home who soon we find out that the female is Farruko’s girlfriend and all of a sudden she was taken away by agents just moment away from her home. The song is about love and how he will not be able to live without her, but with great visuals you can see the stories of families being broken apart, and people being divided. Tell us what you think and how you feel about the video by leaving a comment below.

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