In recent years, Farruko has become one of the referents of the summer song thanks to worldwide hits such as Calma and Pepas. But for this 2022 the soloist seems to have wanted to change the record with a different song until now: CARTA DE UN PADRE.

The song opens a new musical and spiritual stage for the performer with an emotional and inspiring tribute to parents. The premiere took place on Father’s Day in America, which was celebrated this past weekend in June. The one from Puerto Rico puts aside the party and the excesses to focus on the emotions.

Farruko has had the collaboration of Onell Díaz in the composition of a song in which he tells how painful it has been for him to miss some phases of the growth of his children. A kind of atonement, forgiveness for having missed crucial moments.

I told people to take pills to be happy and toast and live a crazy life… and you know what? I didn’t know the message that I was saying in my songs… I don’t feel proud of that. God knows how many of his children I hurt. And today I stop like a man to tell them to forgive me as a human being because love begins with forgiveness. At night I felt empty, I being the same number one, having the best cars, having everything, my children could not see me, I could not see my children. I destroyed my first family, I hurt another girl who loved me and accepted me as I was and nowadays sometimes I don’t know how to have my children together at the same time” he explained in his day about his previous lyrics.

The emotional song and video clip presented by Carbon Fiber Music is his way of vindicating the work of being a father: “He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. At 7: 30 I have a gift for you Happy Father’s Day God bless you, “explained the musician on his official Instagram profile.

The first step was taken a month ago with Nazareno. The urban artist has decided to open up and talk about the limitations and weaknesses that he has in his life. In this new song he criticizes everything negative that surrounds fame and how people take advantage of those who are doing well: “Everyone is in the good times, but in the bad times.”

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