French Montana ‘PeaceMaker’ Drake and Diddy end their rivalry

The new album, “Montega”, by French Montana is just one of the many new things that streamers caught this weekend. In return for his project, the rapper went to New York for an interview at The Breakfast Club, where he revealed many things, from his unfinished role to the trick of Drake and Diddy to his recent comments on “the Kardashian curse.”

In the first show of the project, “Blue Chills”, the 37-year-old rapper sings “Drake and Diddy are depois daquela petite trick”, bringing up some two presenters to ask him to falasse more about the matter. “I see that there is something going on, I really didn’t know the exact details of the rivalry between them”, Montana said.

“But, I know I had an anniversary party that Iggy Azalea organized for me on a boat, and when I checked out, Drake was waiting for me”, adding that after logo, Diddy appeared on a “little boat”.

Drake released “4PM In Calabasas”, which was a diss against the 52-year-old man and Joe Budden. As of 2016, these things seemed to have been corrected, because Diddy accepted a VMA in the name of 6ix God. French Montana revealed that at the aforementioned party, he told Combs that he “needed to die” and that he wanted it to be happening badly between them, since both are dear friends to Montana.

In another interview, Montana spoke about the verses referring to “Kardashian curse”, revealing that he does not believe that it is real and that he was together with Kanye West that the rapper ended with this curse.

“I just feel that when you are with them or have a relationship with a family, I often begin to investigate your entire life on top of your relationship and outline your individual experiences, you know, your life of talent.”

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