Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

Top 5 things I noticed:

  1. Sansa has always been that irritating itch that I can’t scratch since Episode 1. She needs to back up before Daneryse sends one of her dragons to remind her who she is.
  2. Seeing the first interactions with Jon between Arya, Bran, and Sam were great but Bran and Jaime’s was PRICELESS! Sidenote – Arya is a threat to not mess with.
  3. Euron is like that drunk arrogant asshole that somehow always gets the girl. Didn’t think Cersei was going to give it up so quick but then again… it’s Cersei… #SHAME!
  4. Jon Snow did not ask for any of this nor did he THINK any of this was going to happen since Season 1 lol. #YouKnowNothingJonSnow
  5. I feel like Drogon (Daenery’s Dragon) was trying to tell Jon Snow something during that awkward stare or simply was trying to point out that they are still hungry lol.

What did you think of the first episode of #GameOfThrones

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