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Girlz Talk
Girlz Talk

In a genre historically dominated by males, the bachata industry has acquired the perfect touch of femininity, which has been long awaited. GIRLZTALK is the prevalent female bachata group creating frenzy amongst its widespread audience. While the group has been formed since 2008, the dynamic duo of Marlyn Jimenez and Judy Santos have dominated individually in their vocal careers years before fusing their talents. Since November 2010, GIRLZTALK has been under the management of Juan C. Vargas of RTM Music Group and they are ready to take their experiences, talent, and larger than life personalities and claim their thrones as the Queens of Bachata.

Bachata is characterized by the pain and emotions felt in love. With hits like “Llorarás”, “Te Voy a Mostrar”, and “El Me Mintió” GIRLZTALK displays a fervent feeling in all of their songs – one that can only be achieved by a woman’s touch. The perfect fusion of their songs comes from years of experience in the industry and performing with world famous groups.

One of the earlier incorporations of female vocals in bachata music of the urban persuasion is also one of the most recognizable bachata songs, “Obsesión”, by Aventura featuring GIRLZTALKs very own, Judy Santos. After reaching the #1 spot on the Billboard charts in 2002, Judy Santos continued to work with Aventura creating more singles such as “Angelito” “La Guerra”. Marlyn Jimenez started her music career with Grupo NV, signed under Mentao Management- the same management representing Toby Love, former member of Aventura. NV quickly became popular with their hit “Don’t Speak”, a cover originally from a No Doubt song.

Most recently, GIRLZTALK has performed with Lenny Santos/Max Agende (of Aventura), at Calle 8 Festival (2011) and has opened for El Torito.

GIRLZTALK has fundamental elements for success: experience, exposure, and excellence and are setting the first stones for females in this industry.Their charisma charm and beauty play integral roles in their road to fame. There is much more to be said about this duo, but the music speaks for itself.

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