#GOTRecap – Season 8 Episode 3 Top 5 Things Rican Noticed


  1. Like I’ve said in the previous 2 reviews I’ve done for Episode 1 & 2…. ARYA STARK IS NOT TO BE F***ED WITH! If you paid attention to how that MK11 Fatality took place, Arya used the same technique she showed when she was sparring with Brienne of Tarth back in Season 7 when she took out Littlefinger’s blade, switched hands, and was aiming at the abdomen exactly where the Night King was stabbed. Also what a poetic full circle that Arya stabs the Night King with the same dagger that Bran almost got assassinated by. My question is how the HELL was she able to sneak by all those walkers to take her leap of faith and get the job done?! I feel like that part may never be explained but I can live with that. Arya is officially the killer of brown, green, and BLUE eyes!
  2. You have to give MAJOR credit to Melisandre (Red Woman) on being a key factor in this fantastic battle. She gave the Dothraki “flaming hooks” which quickly showed that didn’t matter in the first 3 mins of the battle. Then lit up the trenches since Daenerys and Jon couldn’t see what was going on below…which again only helped temporarily as the white walkers played “Red Rover Red Rover” to put out the fires to invade Winterfell. BUT her KEY part in all of this was her “Rocky Balboa / Mitch” pep up talk reminding Arya just who the F*** she was! “What do we say to the God of Death? – Arya: Not today Satan!” The Red Woman knew her part in this crazy battle and also knew what the “End Game” would be for her as the episode ended fading into dust.
  3. Was it me or was the Dragon Battle scenes and some of the on foot battle scenes a little too dark? I kept adjusting my tv trying to get the right quality then just gave up cus literally each sec that passed, the battle kept getting MORE intense and chaotic. I would like to look up the costs alone to see how much that cost to make that scene cus that was worth every penny. To be honest, I could care less about the battle that’s coming up at the Red Keep. Cersei can kick rocks for all I care. 😂
  4. Let’s take a moment for our fallen hero’s during the battle of Winterfell: 1. Dolorous Edd, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, who helped save Sam’s life quickly had his watch end by one of the walkers in a gruesome kill and even came back alive as a walker…. then died again. 2. Lyanna Mormont, the Lady of Bear Island, who before meeting her fate took down one of the biggest Giant walkers while going down with glory. 3. Beric Dondarrion, the Lighting Lord (Fire sword), found his purpose towards his 9 lives and that was to motivate the Hound and protect Arya Stark to fulfill her duty. 4. Theon Greyjoy, Prince Of Winterfell aka Reek, stood his ground until his last dying breathe protecting Bran until the Night King chose his fate. 5. Jorah Mormont, Daenerys Targaryen’s true bodyguard, fought the white walkers until his dying breath just as they vanished from the Night King’s death.
  5. This episode literally had its expectations going in and fulfilled every single one that I had or could imagine. The Battle Of Winterfell did not go as planned and many were defeated including the WHOLE army of Dothraki and many of the Unsully which leads you to believe how will they defeat Cersei and the Golden Company that she has gained with the help of the new baby daddy, Euron Greyjoy? How will Winterfell regroup to lead into battle with so many falling troops? Is Sansa still on the fence with the potential of Daenerys being the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms? What is the situation between Jon and Daenerys now that the Night King is defeated?! Will we finally see The Hound face his brother The Mountain?! Is Cersei actually pregnant or is Daenerys now pregnant?! Well all you need to know is that Daenerys still has 2 dragons(I hope)… and they have ARYA “NIGHT KING KILLER OF MANY F***ING FACES” STARK!

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