Grace Nation: The Birth of a New Sound

Grace Nation (GN) is a bilingual Latin Urban Pop/Hip Hop group that has been in the music business for over eight years.  Its members, Luis Osiris (Lors) and Joshua Polanco (Face’) have dedicated their talents to the creation of an eclectic and clever sound of infused Latin beats and electric rhythms. Audiences and music lovers have embraced their unique sound and contagious energy.

The release of their new single “It’s Ok” marks the beginning of a new chapter for the group. Both Grace Nation and their new management team are ready to take their music to the next level.

Here, they tell about their story, their influences and what they hope they can contribute to the music industry.

Q: How did you get into music?
Grace Nation: We began creating music in church. We both grew up in the church and that is where we developed our talents. From then we pursued our passion for music.

Q: Why the name Grace Nation?
Grace Nation: The name Grace Nation is birthed from the fact that we are gracing all nations with our God gifted talents. And that is what we feel is our goal and purpose on this earth.

Q: Beautiful Day is a song that instantly makes me dance, your music uses unique electric beats which is different from the Latin music we hear, what inspired this fusion?

Grace Nation:

LORS: In reality, our music always has something positive. We aren’t artists that sing music “de la calle” or can sing about violence. That isn’t what identifies us. That song came from all the positive things that are in us. We believe that there are days that are beautiful in which we can begin again. We believe in positivity and because we added so much of ourselves to our music, we created this song.

FACE:  The inspirations come from the music we consume. We listen to all types of music, Rock, Pop, R&B, Soul and Reggaeton. We grew up around different influences. These are things that are just inside of us. One day it can be something like that song and another day it could be influenced by another genre.  That was the vibe we had that day.

Q: You just signed with Asqui World Entertainment, how do you feel they will help you grow as artists?
Grace Nation: They have a lot of history in the industry and they bring a lot of things to the table as far as experience. We know that with the combination of their talents and our gifts we can definitely do something together.

Q: Tell me about your new collaboration song, It’s Ok. How did you and Fuego come together?
Grace Nation: The song is very special because it was something that just happened organically. We were recording in the NEX studios. NEX produce artists like Don Omar. During that time, one of our videos was just released and Fuego watched it. He approached and told us how much he liked our video and from there it was history. We went into the studio, started flowing and we recorded that song.

Q: Who are what has been the greatest influence?
Grace Nation:

Face: There are so many different things that have influenced me like my Mom. Musically speaking, my main influence is Kanye West. I like his musical taste and genius, sonically, as a producer since I am a producer. I just feel he just knows how to really produce great records and that his choice of records is genius if you really look into his records.

Lors: My influences are different from Face because I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and he was born in Patterson, New Jersey. Like all Dominicans, we grew up listening to Merengue and that sound I like to call “sabor menbucho”. I also listened to what was considered American music. I didn’t really understand it, but it was a big influence as well.

Q: What do you hope to contribute to the Latin Urban music genre?
Grace Nation: We have a different flavor. We are doing something different here. We are trying to grow something that isn’t out there yet. We are supporting new sounds, new ideas even new ways to do a photoshoot by implementing fashion and music.  We are creating something neat.

Q: What advice would you give to up and coming artists?
Grace Nation: It’s simple, don’t sleep! That’s really the key. Work on your craft, don’t sleep and you are going to make it.

Grace Nation stands out as innovators within the music industry. With clever fusions of genres, humble personalities and a positive outlook the group is destined to make a deep impact in the Latin Urban genre. The Asqui Records newly released track “It’s Ok” can be found right here on, and on the LaMezcla Phone Apps.

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