Grupo Firme and Banda El Recodo announce their new single!!!

There is no deadline that is not met, no date that does not arrive, that is why Grupo Firme and Banda El Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga have already shared the name and date on which they decided to announce the collaboration that they have scheduled together.

It will be next May 31, 2022 when the long-awaited musical project finally comes to light in which the mother of all bands and the “phenomenon” group of the Mexican regional participate, they also announced that it is titled “El remplazo“.


In the image that they published in their official accounts, Eduin Caz and Giovanni Mondragón, vocalists of their respective groups, can be seen together with the data and with a letter where they say that it will be a success on the radio and on platforms.

“We are sure that you will love this great duet” wrote the artists from their platforms, where fans immediately began to express their opinion about it, some praised and expressed that they want to hear the single and others did not agree with the mix.

It should be noted that Eduin Caz announced that during part of his career he sought a way to enter the original group from El Recodo, Sinaloa, he confessed that he did a casting to join the musicians, but he was not lucky, that is why now he is fulfilling a great dream, singing with his idols.

Banda El Recodo is considered the largest exponent group of grupera music, their songs have been heard in the five continents of the world, they have traveled to important sporting and cultural events to raise the name of their country.

Grupo Firme is growing exponentially, they break stereotypes, they have opened freedom for other artists of the genre in clothing and they were placed as the highest grossing and with the most lucrative tour in the United States in 2021

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