Henry Santos My Way Album Review


Two years after his album debut Henry Santos has released his second solo album titled “My Way”. If your a fan of Henry or even just a fan of Aventura this is a great album to pick up. With this being his second album you can tell Henry has gotten in a more comfortable state of mind with his lyrics and over all follow of his music. Henry was best known for being the back up singer and cutting some tracks with his former group, but now he has been working extremely hard to set his name in this business and I feel that his doing just that with this album. I am going to be honest I was never really a big fan of Henry but this album has really changed the way I see him as an artist. There are 12 tracks on the album and I have say I have 5 to 6 tracks that I really like and I believe that is the difference maker when it comes to his music and how he has grown to become a better over all artist. Henry also features a couple of new artist in this album such as Maffio who has been also breaking through as a new artist and Natti Natasha another new and on the raise artist. At the end I have to say that this is my favorite album of the two, there are many more tracks I can connect to and see myself listening to while I am working or on my free time. So once again if your a Henry Santos fan this is a must buy album make sure to check it out and then let us know what are your favorites songs are by leaving us a comment below.

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