Hoops For Health 2016 Press Release

The purpose of the “Hoops For Health” health awareness basketball festival is to use the sport of basketball and music as a vehicle to create an atmosphere of family fun and excitement, while dispensing information about the deadly diseases that plague the members of our community. Our mission is to bring awareness on how to live healthier if you already have these ailments, or how to prevent from having them if you don’t, hence establishing and supporting healthier lifestyles for our families and our communities as a whole.

The other mission and purpose of this 3-day festival is to raise funds that will be donated to several health awareness organizations such as American Diabetes Association, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), American Cancer Society, and American Heart Association in support of the continued research efforts and the fight against these diseases to ultimately stop them by finding a cure.

TrueMed Health Solutions, LLC, One Hundred Seniors, Inc. and ASQUI Ventures would like to invite you to our 2nd annual “Hoops For Health” awareness basketball festival weekend, launching on: – Friday August 19th from 7pm-10pm, with our Black Tie Opening Gala held at the spacious, newly-built Raymour & Flanigan located 410 Gateway Drive, Bklyn, NY, 11239 leading into our initial game-day.

– Saturday, August 20th from 10am-7pm, we will begin our Adult Mens basketball games a few block away, inside Linden Park, also notoriously known as The Gershwin Park in East New York, Brooklyn (located on the corner of Linden Blvd. and Vermont St. in Brooklyn, New York, 11239). We will also have shooting & dunking exhibitions along with live Hip-Hop stage performances.

– Sunday August 21st from 10am-7pm, we are blocking off Vermont Street right outside of Gershwin Park to hold our Wellness Village and Street Festival. There will be medical/health-based vendors along with other vendors selling food, merchandise, back to school giveaways and free information on health and wellness. We will have live Gospel stage performances and a rock-climbing wall. Also, inside the Gershwin Park, we will hold out Youth & Women’s basketball tournaments.

Throughout this weekend, spectators will have the ability through our techpartner, Bedloo www.bedloo.com, to vote which team and/or contestant will actually win. This will make for an fun, interactive experience! This annual event will attract a diverse group of family residents, politicians, street-ballers, teams from various boroughs, professional basketball players, celebrities and media from all around the United States. From Baby-Boomers to Millennials, East New York will be bustling with the who’s who of Brooklyn, New York!

Partnering Companies:
1 -TrueMed Health Solutions, LLC, created and owned by Music Producer, Roderick Hutcherson, is the parent company of the “Hoops for Health” brand. www.truemedco.com
2 -One Hundred Seniors, Inc is the 501C3 for the “Hoops for Health” 2016.
3 -ASQUI Ventures is the Branding Partner for TrueMed Health Solutions and “Hoops for Health.” www.asqui.com
4 -Street Loyalty is our Organizer Partner. www.MistaBless.com

TrueMed Team:
Roderick Hutcherson, CEO of TrueMed & Hoops for Health
Kathy Hutcherson, Vice President of TrueMed & Hoops for Health
Hope L. Braswell, CFO of TrueMed & Hoops for Health
Dewry L. Bradford, CBO of TrueMed & Hoops for Health
LaNeeka Ross, Vendor Relations Coordinator of TrueMed & Hoops for Health
Glen O’Gilvie, Financial Consultant for TrueMed & Hoops for Health
Lincoln Hutcherson, Chief Security Officer for TrueMed & Hoops for Health
Reverend Townsley, Non-profit Partner & Consultant
Elijah “Bless” Torres, Operations Manager of Hoops for Health
Aaron “Action” Williams, Basketball Coordinator for Hoops for Health
Phil Pabone, Entertainment and Basketball Consultant for Hoops for Health
Kevin Espinal, Entertainment Basketball Consultant for Hoops for Health

Guest Speakers
Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams
Pretty Lou (Street Loyalty)
Assemblyman Charles Barron
Xavier Hutcherson (President, NAACP Youth & College Chapter of New York State)
Bishop Lester Bradford (Foreign Missionary Bishop of The Pilgrim Assemblies)
Aaron “Action” Williams (Founder of We Care Coalition USA)
Ali Abdullah (Co-Founder of ClaimIt.com)

A. R. Bernard (Pastor of CCC).
Lisa Evers (Fox 5 News)
Chaka Pilgrim (President of Roc Nation)
Elijah “Bless” Torres (President of Street Loyalty).
Charles Barron (Assemblyman)
Tony Herbert (Community Activist)
Pretty Lou (Street Loyalty)
Jess Danhanusser (President & CEO of Graham Windham)

Roderick Hutcherson, (CEO of TrueMed): Friday’s host
Pretty Lou (Street Loyalty): Saturday’s host
Liz Black, (WBLS/WLIB): Sunday’s host

Performers on Saturday:
Healthy Chill (Healthy Life/Street Loyalty)
Jesse Mohamed
(More to come)

Performers on Sunday:
DA T.R.U.T.H. (Cross Movement)
Jules Bartholomew and Judah Camp (Grip Entertainment)
Clay Johnson
Kawon Sulton DAVE HD Kaylan Bradford
Jovita Shepard
Melvin & Tunesha Crispell Tribute Choir
Cheryl James & Voices of Worship (Toronto, Canada)
Nate & Heave
Aloke Blake
(More to come)

Special Guest for the weekend
Carl Banks (NFL Giants Legend)
Saideh Browne (President & CEO, National Council of Woman of the United States)
Isaiah Whitehead, (Brooklyn Nets)
Congressman Hakeem Jefferies

Raymour & Flanigan Furniture
American Diabetes Association
American Cancer Society
Novo Nordisk
Graham Windham
Metro Plus Health Plan
Kings County Hospital
JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
The Lions Group
Street Loyalty
Roots Hummus
Bedloo (Voting App)
NYPD (75th Precinct)
Glen O’Gilvie of Nonprofit Advancement
Carnegie PR
Kamoni Ice
Spur Tree
Mere Viola Sweet Delights
Emmanuel Deliverance Cathedral
La Mezcla.com
Prestige Travel & Events


Link: https://twitter.com/HoopsForHealth7
Link: https://twitter.com/TrueMed7
Link: https://twitter.com/HealthOnTheRise
Link: https://twitter.com/bradforddewry
Link: https://twitter.com/dewryduroi

Link: https://www.instagram.com/truemed/
Link: https://www.instagram.com/healthontherise/
Link: https://www.instagram.com/hoopsforhealth/
ASQUI Ventures
Link: https://www.instagram.com/style.squi/


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