Grupo Impress

Impress Inc. is founded by Ezequiel Ortega (Ez), and Orlando Jaquez (OrlySax) and idea that started By Co-CEO Ez of bring the difference to bachata in Orlando,Fl such as local traditional groups of Pedro Veras, EL Clasico de La Bachata, and Jermain , not just the traditional or the usual modern.  Orlys idea was bringing back the meaning to a group not just the image of one person, or a main image of 3-4. Several names were brought up and the group made there final decision to Impress. Every member having there key part of what is Impress. Impress is a diverse group of young men all residing in Orlando,Fl, having different backgrounds, coming from different parts of the country , all with hereditary roots back to the Domincan Republic having there passion for what is Bachata. Impress has released there first single converting Bruno Mars smash hit “Just The Way You Are” with a slight tropical twist as “Tu Eres Perfecta”. Impress debuted at Mojitos Ultra Lounge Labor Day weekend with a debut crowd of 420+, the opportunity offered by Eddy Leonardo of LMP, offering the group there oppoutunity to open there doors and expose there talent.  Since then the group has performed in different parts of the peninsula. Due to there uniqueness and great interpretation of cover songs, the quality of the group has become well know since there debut. Each member of the group has there role aside from being a musican, when it come to decisions, networking, website, managing, wardrobe, Leadership, communication amongst each other bringing back the meaning of a group,as intended. Fans have anxiously ask for the group own work, Lead Singer Fernando Garcia ”Envy”, and a couple of other members of Impress have composed various songs to there name. With the arrangements of guitarists Luis Manuel “LaLena” Antony Sifonte “Chipotle”, and Piano Player Jay Fondur “Patua”, fans are bound to be IMPRESSED!

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