Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny performs onstage during "The Last Tour Of The World" at FTX Arena in Miami, Florida on April 1, 2022. (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP) (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

After announcing his retirement, Daddy Yankee has gradually said goodbye to his international fans. With the La última vuelta tour and the release of his album Legendaddy, the Puerto Rican has left a legacy in the urban music genre that new talents will have to follow.

The big question now is: who is going to become the new king of reggaeton? Numerous bets can be read on social networks, but the one that lovers of the genre did not expect to hear are those of Daddy Yankee himself.

In his interview with Alofoke Radio FM, he has expressed his opinion about granting the title of king of reggaeton to Bad Bunny, who has proven to win the support and affection of millions of people around the world with his talent. “Bad is a tremendous artist, a superstar, a phenomenon. Does he want to be the leader of a movement?” declares the Big Boss.

“I would love it. There is no better person to take that position and he is showing it. But that is what I mean. He is going through an incredible moment right now and what I like about Bad is that Bad has never been Selfish and because of those good attributes I see him as a good leader. Every time he sings, he records with someone, he brings someone new, he records in another country. At his good moment he is sharing his platform with new and veterans.

Those are the things that They’re going to keep taking him and they’re going to keep raising him. That’s why I tell you that no matter how much I appreciate Bad, because I really appreciate Bad a lot, I can’t tell you ‘look, that’s the man’ because then there are many who may want to have that place and may be offended. So also out of respect for them, you understand me. I say that the people choose it, but without a doubt Benito has the attributes”, he concludes.

His interview with Alofoke Radio FM has led to much more. And it is that he has not only expressed his opinion about Bad Bunny, but also about Don Omar and the statements he made in the controversy with the Puerto Rican and Raphy Pina. His beginnings in the genre, what would have changed in his career and the more personal Daddy Yankee are other topics he has talked about.

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