Paisa singer J Balvin continues to break ground with his music and consolidate himself as one of the strongest and most talented urban artists in the world with explosive ensembles that promise to become a hit.

This time, the reggaeton singer joined powers with the singer, rapper, producer of Indian origin Badshah to create an international hit called ‘Voodoo‘.

This song, presented as a trilingual anthem after being sung in Hindi, Spanish and English, was produced by hitmaker and producer, Tainy, known for breaking records alongside stars like Bad Bunny, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Anuel, Rosalía and Daddy Yankee, among others, who has made ‘Voodo‘ a captivating tale of desire and magic.

The supernatural theme of the song is portrayed in its video clip that has a great display of special effects, through which Badshah is getting ready to show the world his talent, in addition to taking the first steps in his mission to bring the Desi- around the world, thus uniting the culture of India with the West, armed with jubilant rhythms and choirs capable of transcending language.

Voodoo‘ marks the first collaboration between Badshah and urban genre icon J Balvin, so the artist didn’t shy away from expressing emotion about their work together.

J Balvin is like an idol for me. He has accomplished much of what I have tried to do in my own space. The way he has built his path, beyond language and odds, is something that really inspires me to continue,” said Badshah.

Armed with eerie synth effects and lilting dembow drums, Badhash and J Balvin trade verses, recounting what it means to be spellbound by a woman. In a colorful mosaic of international influences and otherworldly references, ‘Voodoo’ captures the heat, danger and passion of being in love.

One of the many reasons why I started creating music is because it is about something universal: it connects with people across language barriers (…) “Badshah and Tainy are tremendous artists, and this collaboration is just another example of how we are able to unite people from different cultures to find a common point and vibrate all together”, said J Balvin.

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