J Balvin’s concert in Mexico is canceled due to rain and thunderstorms

Dissatisfied were the attendees of the Potosina National Fair (Fenapo) who were going to witness the J Balvin concert last Tuesday, August 16, because due to torrential rains and a strong electrical storm, the venue had to be evacuated and the show canceled .

Hundreds of fans who were queuing for hours and had even entered the main square to enjoy the interpreter of “Colors”, were removed to safeguard their safety.

“We are at FENAPO with J Balvin reviewing how the storm did not allow the concert to take place. First is the integrity of the families of Potosí and to avoid an accident related to electrical currents, the date will remain pending for the state,” said the state governor, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona.

Official reports stated that the theater where the show was to take place was flooded in some sectors and several people had to be rescued by the Civil Guard due to the high level of water caused by rainfall.

The attendees began to enter the venue from 4 in the afternoon in order to find a good place to see the show that began at nine at night; however, the rain postponed the Antioquian’s departure until almost 12 a.m.

The fans’ wait lasted about six hours until the governor gave the order to vacate the place despite the strong reproaches of the citizens who clamored for the concert to start.

Given the situation, Gallardo announced that on August 17, that is, one day after the event, he would give the rescheduling date; however, no verdict has been rendered so far.

It should be noted that this was a free admission concert and the Potosí administration was in charge of the artist’s expenses. The FENAPO festival will go until August 28, so there is that time limit to clarify whether José will sing or not in San Luis.

“Today the rain beat us, but that is not going to stop us. FENAPO continues. I thank you, José, for holding out until the last moment to make this concert possible,” the governor published on his official Facebook account.

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