Jay Wheeler returns immersed in a riot of emotions

His past productions have had love and lack of love as the central axis of his songs, where his melodious voice has walked and captivated his followers. Now, the urban exponent Jay Wheeler appropriates the ups and downs of other emotions to give life to his fifth musical production, which includes some 19 songs.

Described by the same artist as “a trail of emotions” for various musical genres, today he launches his new proposal which he precisely called “Emotions”, created as a prelude to his series of concerts in Puerto Rico, under the same name. It is for this reason that he lists it as the most important of his career.

“I describe it literally as the name of the album, one full of emotions, because it has everything. I didn’t dedicate myself to having something specific like on the album ‘El amor y yo’. This album is a trail of emotions. You can listen to it and you can feel joyful, happy, you’re going to cry, it has everything. I call it the emotional album”, explained the singer to El Nuevo Día. From this album he has already released two of his songs, “Suelta” in collaboration with the singer Mora, a song that has already managed to exceed 15 million views on the platform digital Spotify, and “Ese K” with the new talent Conep.

The 28-year-old artist stepped out of his comfort zone to show his versatility and navigate a dembow for the first time, hand in hand with the popular Dominican singer El Alfa, who calls himself “The King of Dembow.” For this reason, before creating the song “I don’t trust” together, Jay Wheeler said that he had to prepare and study this musical genre, derived from reggaeton, whose rhythmic base comes from the Jamaican “dancehall” genre.

“It’s super complicated, I have a lot of respect for the ‘dembow’, for the music of the Dominican Republic and for what its artists are. A big person from the DR told me that El Alfa wanted to do a job with me, but he explained to me that he didn’t want to do anything. So I studied dembow, it took me a long time and, nothing, he loved it. This team was incredible, he is very humble, very good, and I am very grateful to him. I think it has been one of the best experiences in terms of collaboration that I have ever had”, he said about this song, a sticky one at a rhythmic and lyrical level, which he launches today together with the album, produced together with Flow Music and his own Dynamic record label Records.

“If I see that people approve of this dembow, I dare to do anything. And it’s not because I do it for the people, but because it’s the fans who love what I do and if they don’t want to, I don’t dare. If they accept this, I dare to do anything, “said the singer, who usually expresses his love, respect and gratitude to fans through his social networks.

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