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“Queen of the ‘Kim Kardashian’s” as seen on Tyra Bank Show

“Miss Apple Bottom 2011” annonced by Nelly and Apple Bottom Co.

Jessenia Vice was born and raised in New Jersey. She grew up across one of the most dangerous projects in Newark, called Pennington Courts. Refusing to become a product of her outside environment she went on to excel academically throughout High School and College.

Miss Vice was discovered off Myspace, her look and lifestyle turned the heads of thousands of people. She was only 17! She was first approached by Charles Gardner (Rosa Acosta’s manger ) who felt she had the look to be the next big thing! However, Jessenia felt she was too young and also doubted herself. After years of being told she should model , she finally stepped into the industry early Summer of 2009 which introduced her to the world on the Tyra Bank Show. However, no one knew who that girl on the show was.

Jessenia felt that her 5 minutes of fame came and went with little to show. Discouraged by the stigma of being a sex symbol and aware of the plateau she’s seen many big time vixens fall into she deleted her Myspace and planned to leave the industry. Before she could go any further and delete her other social networks, her abuela and she had a heart to heart. It was there that her grandmother made her promise to enjoy her time and not to never give up. The promise was made. In a few weeks Jessenia returned to see her grandmother only to find her terribly ill and who’s life late ended August 2010.

A month later Jessenia received a phone call that would change her world. She was asked to shoot for O.Y.E Magazine with the potential of a cover, no promises. Jessenia flew out and later found out she landed the cover of issue #49! She dedicated her first cover to her grandmother. Since then, Jessenia has been on national television (MTV & MUN2), numerous U.S & international printed magazines (3 covers), leads in major music videos, and hosts her own radio show and has worked in an independent film.

The “Vice” movement has snowballed into what it is today! Her brand can be recognized from coast to coast and over seas thanks to her impressive resume and her presences in the world wide web. Jessenia has been able to do this under no management other than her own. Jessenia has been able to do so much is so little time,all the while working a full time job at the Psychiatric ER! She proves that beauty and brains can go hand in hand , and proves to be a positive role model for any aspiring talent. So , what’s next for Jessenia? Skies proven to have no limits.

Jessenia is now the new face of Nelly’s Apple Bottom Clothing, scheduled to shoot in September 2011 for their world wide 2012 campaign and is proud to be the first Latina in his marketing project. Jessenia has grown since her debut on the Tyra Show as Kim’s look alike and is recognized as respectable public figure amongst her peers and fans. Her look is so diverse it compliments urban, latino and mainstream audiences.

Jessenia continues to branch out and is pursuing the footsteps of her fellow O.Y.E covergirls, such as Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara who where once glamour models and are now a household name. Jessenia is registering to take acting courses and scheduled to attended NY & LA castings. She is scheduled to shoot for printed magazines and is working on her first signal with a group of talented and enthusiastic group of people ready to surprise the world and show what Miss Vice has to offer. There will also be a 2week tour to her home country Ecuador for a media tour (t.v, radio, newspaper & more). Her motivation: her family who are currently undergo hardships do to the economy.

Keep your eyes and ears open as Jessenia is working on your recent project: MUSIC!!!

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