Jessy Rose Exclusive Q&A


Q: As an artist and a fan in the music business that has meet many different artists, which has been your favorite out of all?
A: Raulín Rodríguez

Q: Which artist do you keep in touch with on personal basis?
A: Angelito Villalona

Q: If you would have never made it big or had a hit song what else would you be doing career wise?
A: Civil Engineer –I am in the middle of the process of get a degree of it-

Q: You have been in front of large audiences around the world. What goes through your mind before you hit the stage?
A: I feel confident and will give to the public the best of my talent.

Q: Every artist has a dream/goal such as having a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden. What is your dream/goal?
A: I dream to show my music worldwide.

Q: We see a lot of potential in your work and how talented you are. Where do you see your music career going in a couple of years?
A: I would like to be one of the biggest Latin singers in USA.

Q: As a child what drove you to want to become an Urban artist?
A: When I was a child I used to perform as a dancer on large theatres such as State Theatre of New Brunswick, NJ. While that was happening on my mind was the idea of dreaming to perform as a singer in the future when I grew up.

Q: One thing that is hard to get is time off, many artist have a pretty crazy schedule. When you get time away from the music world what do you enjoy doing?
A: I play violin and guitar. I practice my music. I write songs. Sometimes I cook and sometimes I communicate with my fans through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Q: Bachata has been a very male dominated career and we have seen very few solo female artist. How much more does that motivate you?
A: I believe this is the right time that women do bachata because there are too many males and too few females on this beautiful Latin gender that should be sing for everybody equally.

Q: What type of music do you enjoying listening to?
A: Besides bachata, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, denbow, ballenato, ranchera and their male and female singers, I also enjoy American music… I love Latino and American music.

Q: If there was an artist that you could do a collaboration with who would it be?
A: I would like to collaborate with Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Leslie Grace and other female bachata singers because now is time people in general listen the newest female talents.

Q: Any information on any upcoming projects or new music that you’re working on that you can share with us?
A: I am excited because my first album ‘Sin Fronteras’ is ready and I will share it with everybody.

Q: What do you like about
A: I like that is a very professional site that is clearly organized with interested content related to music in general.

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