Johnny Ventura’s last production “Tronco Viejo” was with JN Music Group

The world of tropical music is dyed in mourning with the death of the legendary meringues singer, His discography was made up of 105 record productions, being the most prolific Dominican artist in that sense, and whose recordings have been awarded 28 gold records, 2 platinum, plus a Latin GRAMMY® in 2004 and a GRAMMY® for Excellence in 2006.

“Tronco Viejo” is his latest studio production, which was recorded in Cuba and has been considered a “collector’s” album, due to the special guests he has, including Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa, singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez and Diva of the Buena Vista Social Club Omara Portuondo.

It is an album loaded with salsa, son, merengue, bolero and guaracha, in which all the flavor of Cuban and Caribbean music was achieved.

“Since I was little the rhythms of this Island inspired me,” he commented, “I grew up listening to them on the radio stations in my country, so I always dreamed of visiting this land and recording here accompanied by its excellent musicians. This material,” he added, “is the The result of that dream, which had the participation of true friends who, with their presence and talent, make it the musical jewel that it is, “he said.

Edesio Alejandro, producer of “Tronco Viejo” referred to how difficult it was to face such an ambitious project, for which he was able to bring together several musicians of proven worth such as trumpeter Alexander Abreu, saxophonist César López, tres player Pancho Amat, and the young pianist Rolando Luna, among others.

For Brothers Juan and Nelson it is a regrettable loss for Tropical Music, it is also a cause for sadness for so many jobs done, pleasant conversations and friendship that united them.

And what better way to remember and honor him than to enjoy his latest record production, Tronco Viejo with the backing of JN MUSIC GROUP.

Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano (1940), known throughout the world as Johnny Ventura, is one of the most popular meringue growers. His songs have become resounding hits since the 1960s.

In the city of Miami, Johnny was the King of Calle 8 in 1987; In the carnivals of Barranquilla, Colombia, he won 4 Congos de Oro and was the first Dominican artist to conquer the coveted Silver Torch that is awarded by the popular clamor of the public attending the Viñas del Mar festival in Chile.

In his country, he won all the awards given to artists and is part of the exclusive group that El Soberano has received, which is the highest award given by the Association of Art Chroniclers of the Dominican Republic. He was also a recipient of the New York ACE Award.

He was also decorated by the Dominican Congress, as the Merenguero of the Century, at the beginning of the year 2000 he was also the first Dominican artist to be invited to the inauguration of a North American president in 1974 when Jimmy Carter won.

He was a lawyer by profession, graduated cum laude from the University of the Third Age, in Santo Domingo. He remained active in the politics of his country for more than 43 years, occupying positions such as: Deputy, Deputy Mayor, Mayor and Ambassador.

By many considered the Father of Modern Merengue, others called him La Alegría del País, El Merenguero del Siglo, La Leyenda Viva del Merengue, La Industria Nacional de La Alegría, El Caballo Mayor, El Señor del Merengue or El Son del Pueblo este. is our Johnny Ventura.

In his personal life, Ventura was married for more than four decades to Nelly Josefina Flores de Ventura, with whom he had three of his seven children.

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