Juan Bago Q&A

What inspired you to becoming an Actor and do the type of work you do?

I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh, entertaining and putting smiles on people’s faces. Since Kindergarten I was always the class clown. So it’s fitting that I would do it for a living.

When getting ready for a project or before getting in to a role, what type of music do you listen to get yourself ready?

When I first started, I use to listen to a lot of Spanish Rock now funny enough; I actually listen to a lot of Podcasts of Successful Actors/Entertainers for motivation.

Who are your favorite 3 Latin Artist?

Juanes/ Soda estereo / Enrique Iglesias

How much has Social Media helped you grow and expand your career?

It’s helped me a lot since a good amount of projects I work on gets shared online. There has been videos I’ve worked on that have gone viral and in turn given me more opportunities. In the flip side it’s a huge distraction, so its matter of balance.

What’s the best things of being Latino?

Our food, women and culture.

What’s your favorite Spanish Dish?

My favorite dish is hands down Mofongo ,any type. I love it love it I love it. With café con Leche as well.

Is there any advice you can give someone that wishes to become an actor or someone that looks up to your work?

My advice is that there are so many more opportunities of being your voice and creating your own content. To make sure you can disconnect from the internet and remove the distractions as an artist.  As an actor, research and take classes. As a creator make sure you learn the business to be a well rounded entertainer.

Is there anyone in the business today that you would like to work with?

I’d love to work with John Leguizamo, Will Ferrell,  Michael Pena & Judd Apatow.

When you are doing research for a project or a role what do you look for when collecting information?

Im looking for how I can connect to it, how I can make it as organic and my voice. You want to be very genuine. People are very savvy, they will call you out on anything. So you must make sure you have everything on point.

What is your favorite Social Media App and how do you use it?

Twitter. OHH twitter, It can be so amazing with comedy and interaction.

If you would have never become an actor, what else would you be interested in?

Its evolved throughout the years. I would want to work in Marketing in the Entertainment Business

How does music play in role in your career?

It’s a great motivational tool, and some of the success I’ve had was based on music and the parody videos Ive done in the past.

Tell us a joke?

I’m naked smoking hookah while writing these answers.

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