Juan Luis Guerra and the music that flirts with poetry

The Dominican singer-songwriter who wrote “Un canto a Colombia” will perform at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá. His enduring songs give an account of a life marked by philosophy, romanticism and religion.

A few years ago, when Juan Luis Guerra was returning from one of his trips to Colombia, a melody came to him. He took out his cell phone in the middle of the flight and started typing. When he finished, he put it away and waited for the right moment for the world to hear it, a moment that came in 2014, with the album Todo Tiene Su Hora.

“The sky sings to your seas, my beautiful Colombia / Flowers crown your valleys in full color / You reflect the light of your laughter like a continent”, says her “Canto a Colombia”. An ode to the people, landscapes and cities of the country.

“I have a connection with Colombia, my great friend is Colombian, Juanes, who always tells me how wonderful his country is. This is a gift from me and from the Dominican Republic to all of you,” the Dominican singer explained at the time.

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