Juan Luis Guerra denounces theft of his team in Bogotá: he offers a reward

The singer Juan Luis Guerra has published on his Twitter account that one of his team members was robbed in Bogotá, after their presentations on November 25 and 27 in the Colombian capital.

According to the artist, he and his team were preparing to travel to Chile, when one of his colleagues was robbed of his hand luggage, which contained the information on the tour and extremely necessary equipment for the concerts.

The musician of Dominican origin has a pending appointment in that country, after he had to cancel his presentation on November 7 due to a feverish condition with throat inflammation.

“We make this unfortunate situation public since our tour data and extremely necessary equipment for our concerts were in that baggage. We beg you to please return them,” Guerra said on his Twitter account.

Juan Luis Guerra indicated that they are willing to pay a reward for the suitcase and its contents and, in turn, provided channels to receive any information in this regard.

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