Karol G broke down in tears during her trip to Africa

For this time Karol G has been taking a rest period and, throughout his vacations, he has visited some of his most dreamed-of places, including certain regions of Africa. In this way, in Kenya, the urban singer had an emotional moment that brought her to tears, since one of the longings in her life was to see a sunset in Africa while listening to ‘Ciclo sin fin’, a remembered theme from the film ‘El Lion King’.

This is how from his Instagram Stories she recorded admiring a sunset and, in turn, wrote about the clip: “They don’t know what I dreamed of seeing a sunset in Africa with this song in the background (he played ‘Cyclo sin fin’) . I still can’t find the words to describe this moment.”

And well, as they say colloquially: a picture is worth a thousand words; After showing the above, the interpreter of ‘El barco’ was seen crying because of how moved Karol felt to be able to be before such a panorama set to music by the aforementioned song.

Later, she also shared the image of what was for her “the most beautiful sunset in the world”, observed from the Masai Mara National Reserve, located in Kenya.

Beyond the sunsets, the reggaeton paisa was also able to observe several lions in her wild life, an approach that apparently not all tourists are lucky enough to witness as easily as it happened to her.

In that order of ideas, the urban singer captured some of these animals on video and wrote about it: “They came to our car and I wouldn’t stop crying… Daniel, our guide and friend of the Massai, tells us that there are people who travel weeks to have an approach like this… again God showing off with me”.

But apart from crying with emotion, Karol G was also shown smiling widely for having been able to have this encounter with the lions.

In November 2020, the urban singer showed that she had exotically changed her look: Karol dyed her hair blue, a blue reminiscent of ‘Bulma’, a character from ‘Dragon Ball’. However, everything that begins, ends. In this case, the artist did not want to have her blue hair forever, she felt that the cycle had ended and it was time to say goodbye to her. Therefore, she wrote a nostalgic text from her social networks to announce that she would change her image.

Now, last Monday, August 1, the also interpreter of ‘God knows it’ shared Karol G’s new hair with her audience, which now looks red. “Two weeks in love with seeing myself like this in the mirror and without being able to show them … So that when they see me on the street they tell me: Eaaa María, baby, how that red hair looks on her chimb*.”

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