Keala Chambers Model Q&A

Keala-Chambers_ftQ: What’s your favorite Latin Dish?
A: Empanadas, tostones, paella, flan, pasteles, someked pork, plantains,I can go on lol I love food.

Q: How does music affect your modeling career?
A: It helps me get into a great mood, the music make you want to dance or when I’m at a photo shoot it helps me feel sexy it’s like I want to put on a show.

Q: Who would you say are your top 3 favorite Latin Artist?
A: Eve Queen, Pitbull, J Lo

Q: What do you like to do on your time off?
A: I love to draw, play with my hair/makeup, relaxing in my bed naked an sometimes I like to go window shopping.

Q: Models love to take pictures but when it comes to you what would you say is your favorite type of modeling (Swimsuit, Business, Beach, Lingerie)
A: I would say all type of modeling is my favorite Im very Comfortable an Confident in myself that whatever I put on from swimwear/business/lingerie an even to all cover up I just love it.

Q: What are 3 things about you that makes guys look back?
A: My blonde hair, my smile, my body so when I walk pass them they probably look back to see how my ass sits in them jeans lol.

Q: Do you consider yourself to be a freak in the sheets?
A: Well I am a Scorpio…… So yes I am a freak but I wouldn’t say in the sheets cause I don’t like sheets over me it get to damn hot for that. I like the lights on so the person I am with can see what I am working with.

Q: What’s are 3 qualities in a guy that makes you melt?
A: Gentlemen, Spontaneous, Smile

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a model?
A: Getting all glam up, working with different people an meeting new friends.

Q: Who would you date Chris Brown or Drake, and why?
A: Drake look like he know what he doing in bed, he has that nice smile with them sexy soft lips and his 6’0 that means I can claim up and ride out lol

Q: Top 5 Latin Artist on your iPod playlist?
A: J Lo, Eve Queen, Pitbull, Marc Anthony, Selena

Q: If you could have your own candy bar what would you name it?
A: Killa Bar cause it would taste so good that you kill for it

Q: When your home in bed watching TV what do you prefer booty shorts or PJ?
A: Neither because I’m naked all the time

Q: McDonald’s or Burger King?
A: McDonalds baby I love the Mac double an add the Mac Sauce with small Fries

Q: How did you get started in molding?
A: I’m always doing makeup/hair for my clients an when I’m with them at a photoshoot I always get asked if I am a model and I always wanted to do it but never thought to actually really do it, but than I said fuck it I’m doing it if it works than it works but if it don’t work than at least I can say I did it. Now Im happy I did an I love it

Q: Can you tell us something cool about yourself that you would like people to know?
A: Sure why not I don’t wear Perfume I wear mans Cologne

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