Joshua Santana, more commonly recognized as “Klass” there was a school activity that he would not dare miss in his teenage years: he would give his full academic attention to Rap Battles. During lunchtime with other boys, Klass would find himself battling schoolmates in all different age groups. He always amazed the crowd with his metaphors, Rap to Bachata twist and his upbeat tempo. Klass found no greater joy in life than destroying the competition and creating his own songs. Growing up, Klass was surrounded by music all the time. His father kept a piano and DJ set in their home. At age 11, Klass’ grandfather gave him a guitar for his birthday, which he taught him how to use and sang alongside him, every weekend.
While most 14 year-old boys were out pursuing girls and hanging outside with friends, Klass opted to stay home, writing his first songs. After school Klass would spend countless hours at his next-door neighbors studio, which mainly produced Hip-hop and R&B. Most adolescents focused on the artist performing the song, but Klass always wanted to know who actually composed the record. Intrigued by musical poetry, Klass discovered his musical idol Romeo Santos from the group “Aventura.” Impressed by Mr. Santos heart breaking stories and the way he seduced women with his words, Klass found a middle ground to his music, writing his first Reggaeton song where he could both rap and sing.
In 2011, Klass landed a dembow hit “ No Hay Mujeres Fea ” receiving recognition all over New York and the Dominican Republic. Yordy Santos, “ El Mayimbe” Anthony Santos’ son, was sitting in at one of Klass’s show at “Dubai Lounge” in the Bronx, NY. Along side him was Froilan Jay, one of Klass’ long time friends who had invited Yordy. Blown away with Klass’ performance and the cheers and roar of the crowd at his sold out event, Klass did not go unnoticed. Three days later, he received a call from the young Latin star Yordy Santos, inviting him to perform at the 2012 New Years Eve Festivities in a town called Santa Maria in the Dominican Republic.
Klass is a man of many hats- composer, vocalist, and producer. His dedication to music is what makes his work so great. He is constantly finding inspiration in his everyday life, beats from the streets, lyrics from the conversations he hears, and the style and swagger of his persona. Klass is working on various projects, and is involved heavily in social media, where he uses that platform to reach out to all of his fans. He is currently filming a documentary chronicling his journey in music, and just finished a music video for his song, “Dulce Sensacion,” featuring Lyricologo. His current single, “Pile de Papaleta” can be viewed on Youtube.

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