Latin Music Artists React to The Death of Hugo Chavez


Different stars from the Latin music world have expressed their feelings regarding the death of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez. Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, Calle 13’s vocalist Rene Perez, legendary trombonist Willie Colon and Venezuelan singer Chino from the Urban duo Chino y Nacho are among those who reacted to the loss of one of the most influential political figures in the Americas.

During a press conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alejandro Sanz sent his best wishes to the family and supporters of the Venezuelan President. Although the Spanish singer has been known for his criticism of Hugo Chavez, he stated it was important to respect all his supporters during this time.

Various stars used their Twitter accounts to share their feelings. Calle 13’s Rene Perez (a.k.a. Residente) expressed his condolences to the family of Hugo Chavez and celebrated the political legacy of the Venezuelan leader. Similarly, singer Chino asked everyone to pray for the President. “We will always remember you Hugo,” wrote Chino on Twitter.

Although most people joined with respect the mourning of the Venezuelan President, several voices received with joy and relief the news coming from the South American nation. For instance, the legendary Salsa musician Willie Colon reacted to the news with hope. “Finally Venezuela has a chance to come back to the 21st century and out from under the boot of the oppressive socialist dictator,” wrote Colon on his Twitter account.

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